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Top Ten Tips, #8 – Team Up

I hear it time and time again when I work with clients, “This is so much easier with you here to make sure I’m staying on task.”  Although it’s not always the case, many times what my job entails is playing the role of Accountability Buddy. I keep my clients focused, I don’t let them walk away from the sorting process, I make them look at those few little items at the bottom of the

Top Ten Tips, #7 Is It Useful or Beautiful?

Today’s tip is also geared towards helping you work through the purging process.  It’s quite simple, but often the simplest techniques are the most powerful.  If you come upon an item that you’re just not sure whether to keep, ask yourself this question: Is it useful or beautiful? If the answer is no, it’s time for that item to leave your home.  Now, the answer to the question may be, yes, this item is useful

Top Ten Tips, #6 – Decisions, Decisions

As Karen Kingston says, “Without a doubt, the hardest part is actually overcoming your inertia enough to get started.  Once you have begun, the process itself releases more energy to enable you to continue.  All the stagnant energy that is locked up in the clutter gets release for you to use in more positive ways.  And the more you clear clutter, the easier it becomes because you  know how good it feels after you have done it

Top Ten Tips, #5 – Schedule It

Remember how after our last post you decided how much time you decided you wanted to spend organizing each week?  Was the amount of time you wanted to spend versus the time you actually have significantly different?  If you didn’t check this out, now is the time.  Most people want to be done already, but don’t worry, you may not have to tackle this project alone.  We’ll talk more about that a little bit later though. It is absolutely

Top Ten Tips, #4 – Break It Down

Today’s tip is about time.  Chunk your clutter clearing time down into manageable projects.  Looking at a whole room can seem overwhelming.  Looking at one drawer in one dresser doesn’t seem so impossible. In our instant-gratification society, we want it… …and we want it NOW.   The slurry of TV shows about home organization, home make overs, hoarders, etc often make it look way simpler than it is.  Of course you don’t get to see

Top Ten Tips, #1 – Reality Check

Over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to be presenting to you my top ten tips for getting organized.  Many of you may be reading this blog because you’re looking for ideas on how to get organized by yourself – well, look no further!  We’ll delve into some of the more important details and how to’s, starting with this week’s tip:  Reality Check. Many people are in denial about just how much

Organizing on the Cheap

So the time finally came for me to tackle the downstairs work bench – again. Why had I been putting this off and off, choosing to ignore the problem rather than just deal with it?  I was fairly happy with the basement storage area in general, but that work bench….things were “sort of” organized, aka loosely put in general piles.  But when it came to finding things the piles were hasslesome (did I just make

Things Just Keep Getting….Lighter

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were getting ready for bed when we heard this dripping noise coming from the basement that just didn’t sound right.  We were in the midst of a big rain storm, but our basement had only once had water in it over the four years I had lived there (and the nine years my husband has lived here), so at first I didn’t think much of it.  Little

Taking Some Downtime from Technology

If you follow my posts with any regularity you already know that I’m a big fan of taking digital sabbaticals.  Tomorrow I’m off on another adventure that will put me in the position of being secluded from many forms of technology – I’m really looking forward to it! This particular expedition will not be nearly as intense as the Vipassana meditation course I did last September as we are allowed and encouraged to speak to others participating in the course.

A New Year, A New You – How Are Your Resolutions Holding Up?

Do you want to lose weight, eat healthier, get more organized?  These three things always make the top ten resolutions every new year.  Were these on you list?  After three weeks of the new year, how are your resolutions going? If you answered “great!”, then I’m really happy for you – most people forget about their resolutions within a couple of weeks of the new year.  Goals and resolutions can easily slide into the background