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Speaking at the Gift to Myself Full Day Retreat

I will be speaking about organizing for the holidays and assisting facilitate the Gift to Myself Retreat December 8, 2012, 10am-4pm. Please see the very bottom for information about the *free* teleseminars we’re hosting to help educate and prepare participants for the big event. I hope you will join us! This holiday season give a gift to yourself. Your walk is unique. You desire a life that reflects who you are, authentically. The real you

To Gift or Not to Gift?

Like it or not gifts can be the focus of the holidays.  Although the act of giving is important, I consider giving from the heart to be even more important.  Here are some ideas on how to deal with gift giving during the holiday season: Cut your list.  My husband and I have reduced our list significantly – we view time spent with friends and family as a bigger gift.  The gift of time spent