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Class This Saturday: Creating Sacred Space

What would it be like to feel fully supported in your home or office space? Everything in your home has an energetic affect on you whether you want it to or not, but it’s not enough to just clear the clutter. Creating sacred space is an activity done with focused intention. What you put back in the space after you’ve done your clutter clearing is just as important. Creating sacred space is about claiming your

Last Chance to Purchase Escape Your Clutter Prison!

This is the last week for you to purchase your own copy of the recordings and the workbook from the Escape Your Clutter Prison TeleSummit. We had so much fun putting this together for you – if you’re really ready to commit to clearing the clutter for good in 2013, you won’t want to miss this limited time offer. The package includes over 8 hours of information and tips from experienced holistic organizers. Our classes

Living Intentionally – Part 1

How did this get to be like this?  How did all this stuff get here?  These are two of the questions I always ask my new clients.  Responses are different – I inherited a bunch of stuff; I don’t know – I think a lot of it is gifts we never used; I was too busy working to keep up with all the stuff I was buying; I got great deals on all this stuff;