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Speaking at the Gift to Myself Full Day Retreat

I will be speaking about organizing for the holidays and assisting facilitate the Gift to Myself Retreat December 8, 2012, 10am-4pm. Please see the very bottom for information about the *free* teleseminars we’re hosting to help educate and prepare participants for the big event. I hope you will join us! This holiday season give a gift to yourself. Your walk is unique. You desire a life that reflects who you are, authentically. The real you

Create a Reusable Pre-party Checklist

Not too long ago, my husband and I hosted a party at our home.  It was so easy this time around it even surprised me!  So how do we do it?  Pre-made check lists.  Soon after we were married, I started making lists on the computer of the cleaning and other chores that needed to be done around our home in an effort to equally divide the labor.  My husband had been pretty animate about

Getting Ready for Baby Number Two (or Three….or Four)

One of the questions I ask my new clients is, how long have you been disorganized?  Has it always been like this for you or was there a time when things changed?  More than fifty percent of the women I meet with always say, “It was after having my second (or third or fourth) child that things fell apart.”  I would guess this is a common occurrence throughout our country, and probably the world. So, why is