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Class This Saturday: Creating Sacred Space

What would it be like to feel fully supported in your home or office space? Everything in your home has an energetic affect on you whether you want it to or not, but it’s not enough to just clear the clutter. Creating sacred space is an activity done with focused intention. What you put back in the space after you’ve done your clutter clearing is just as important. Creating sacred space is about claiming your

Boost Your Productivity With Evernote and Dropbox

Two popular productivity tools on the market today are Evernote and Dropbox. I’ve previously written about how much I love Evernote over on Organize to Revitalize, and later this month look for my post over there with more detailed information about Dropbox. However, some people think they need to choose between the two, but the simple truth is they serve different functions. They are similar in that they keep data organized and synced across multiple

Last Chance to Purchase Escape Your Clutter Prison!

This is the last week for you to purchase your own copy of the recordings and the workbook from the Escape Your Clutter Prison TeleSummit. We had so much fun putting this together for you – if you’re really ready to commit to clearing the clutter for good in 2013, you won’t want to miss this limited time offer. The package includes over 8 hours of information and tips from experienced holistic organizers. Our classes

Managing Transitions from Chaos To Creation

I saw this image posted on Facebook a few days ago and was happy to realize that this is exactly what my class Managing Transitions from Chaos To Creation is all about. Here’s the thing – your home didn’t get cluttered overnight, it’s not going to get decluttered overnight either (despite what Hollywood and some of your typical home organizing or remodeling TV shows might lead you to believe). So how do you manage all

Class This Saturday – Managing Transitions from Chaos to Creation

I’ve been putting the final touches on my outline for this Saturday’s class, Clear the Clutter: Managing Transitions from Chaos to Creation, and I couldn’t be more excited to be presenting this material to you! Many people start their organizing projects but never finish – are you one of them? If so, join us Saturday at the Pure Light Healing Center from 10am-noon. We’ll be developing the vision for your space/s, talking about the cycle

Free Organizing Tips in Our 10-Part E-book

Did you know that when you sign up for Synergy Organizing newsletters you get access to the e-book Top Ten Tips: Reclaiming Space for What Matters Most? This ten-part e-book will walk you through the steps to getting started on your organizing project. By the time you’re done you’ll have developed a strategy for tackling your clutter for good, including knowing whether hiring a professional is in your best interest. Start here if you’re ready

Holistic Organizers TeleSummit Happening Now!

WOW! If you’ve been listening in to the Holistic Organizers TeleSummit so far I know you’ve been as impressed as I have been with the content Annie and Melody have presented for us. I know I’m taking notes! Here are a couple points that really resonated with me that I’ve jotted down: The pain pushes us until the vision pulls us. Most of us have dominator relationships with our homes in the West – what

Start On Your Taxes Now, Save Time Later

A new year, a new round of paper work to file and organize. January is a great time to get started on collecting all your tax information and purging the old paperwork you no longer need. This weekend I was able to recycle this huge stack of paper from my business files. I am on a mission to go paperless in my business, not only to free up space in my office, but also to

Sing It Again for the Annual Review

I’m on a mini sabbatical. While I’m away, please enjoy this post on annual reviews previously published on this blog: For the past few years I have opted to not make any New Year’s resolutions.  This isn’t because there’s not anything I want to do in the new year,  I just take a different approach. I first started an Annual Review process, both for my business and my personal life, in December 2010.  It has been

Synergy Organizing Upcoming 2013 Events

For a lot of people December isn’t always the best time to start getting organized; however, January often is the perfect time. Is 2013 the year you finally get organized? Here’s what’s on the list of events to help you clear the clutter for good in 2013: FREE Clutter Support Group will meet the third Friday of the month Jan-April, 10-11:30am. Got clutter problems and not sure where to start? Join us Jan 18, Feb 15,

Insider Tips Series: Julie Gray on Mindfulness and Meditation, Part 1

Today I’m joined by holistic organizer Julie Gray. Julie runs an organizational coaching firm, helping clients gain the mindful awareness and system alignment they need to develop, organize and achieve a business they love and a lifestyle they enjoy. Today we’re talking about the impact that meditation and mindfulness have played in her personal life as well as her professional life. Tracy: You’ve been meditating for a while now, how did you get started with meditation?

Speaking at the Gift to Myself Full Day Retreat

I will be speaking about organizing for the holidays and assisting facilitate the Gift to Myself Retreat December 8, 2012, 10am-4pm. Please see the very bottom for information about the *free* teleseminars we’re hosting to help educate and prepare participants for the big event. I hope you will join us! This holiday season give a gift to yourself. Your walk is unique. You desire a life that reflects who you are, authentically. The real you

Insider Tips with Brooks Palmer, Part 2

Today I’m back with Part 2 of my interview with Brooks Palmer and his tips on Clutter Busting. Check out last week’s post if you missed it. Tracy: I know you divide your time between the LA and Chicago areas, what would be your biggest organizing tip for people who travel to various long-distance locations for work like you do? Brooks: Bring the least amount of stuff… the bare, bare, bare, bare minimum. To the

Insider Tips with Brooks Palmer, Part 1

For this portion of our Insider Tips series I’m happy to introduce you to Clutter Buster Brooks Palmer. Brooks takes a unique approach to helping people clear their clutter and is the author of Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back and Clutter Busting Your Life: Clearing Physical and Emotional Clutter to Reconnect with Yourself and Others. Tracy: What has been your own biggest personal clutter challenge? Brooks: I think that probably writing the book and

Are Political Robo Calls Clutter in Your Life?

The first time I received a political robo call several years ago I was absolutely irritated – like I wasn’t already bombarded enough by political propaganda. I was fed up, so I hopped on the internet, did a search and almost immediately discovered there IS indeed a way to stop the harassment – The National Political Do Not Call Registry. Their Mission: “The National Political Do Not Contact Registry is a program of Citizens for Civil Discourse

ADD, OCD, Depression and B.E.S.T. Preliminary Case Study Results

As many of you know, I have been working on a case study for the last several months. This case study integrates Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) treatments with professional organizing sessions for clients who have been diagnosed with ADD, OCD, or depression (or any combination thereof) and also have challenges with chronic disorganization. Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) is a gentle, non-forceful, energy balancing procedure that reestablishes the full healing potential of the body. B.E.S.T. is widely

Organizing “Current Projects” Paperwork

One of our readers recently submitted a organizing challenge: “It would be great to hear how to organize papers when working on different projects. I currently have four things I am working on and am in the process of decluttering and re-arranging my space, so any tips along those lines (with photos for inspiration) would be great!” First, thanks for submitting your challenge! Secondly, I know exactly how you feel! Since I run two businesses,

Reclaiming The Desk After Child #3

I worked with a client who was ready to tackle his desk area. He told me he wasn’t sure how long it had been since he’d seen the desk clear. The desk was covered with mostly paperwork and some kids’ toys. We dove into the sorting, creating areas for the different types of paperwork: a pile for each one of the three kids’ artwork, a pile that needed to be filed, a pile of financial paperwork