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Your Home as Your Sanctuary During the Holy Days

The following article is written by guest blogger Melody LeBaron. Known as the House Whisperer, Melody is a Space Clearing Practitioner, a Holistic Professional Organizer, Feng Shui consultant and Success Coach who helps clients accelerate their momentum to create the success they prefer! Learn more at The word “holidays” comes from the Old English haligdæg or “Holy Days.” In olden times, this dark time of year was the time to gather around the hearth, to find

What’s Meditation Got To Do With Clutter?

When most people think about decluttering their lives and getting organized they don’t think about meditation. Makes sense… if you’re already trying to cram too many things into your day and barely have time to do anything for yourself the way things are, why would you even consider trying to throw meditation into that mix? What if I told you that meditation has allowed me to approach my life with more clarity and more focus? (i.e.,

Free Coaching Resources for You

When I was presented with the opportunity to join the ranks of coaches who are a part of the Life Coach Radio Networks I knew something really special was about to happen. Since I said “yes” I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and collaborating with some really great coaches from around the US. Plus I’m feeling even more inspired to continue my own work as a Clutter Coach (even coaches need coaching!). At the

9 Activities to Stop Overwhelm Right Now

When I participated in the Escape Your Prison Telesummit the beginning of 2013, one of my colleagues, Erika Salloux, mentioned something in her talk that has continued to stay with me: When you’re in overwhelm, that really just means that you body and your mind aren’t in the same place at the same time. How many times do you feel your brain is racing ten steps ahead of where you are right now? Interestingly, what can

The Most Important Part of My Morning Routine: Meditation

Many professional organizers will tell you about the ways you can improve the flow of your day by having a great morning routine which might include prepping the kids’ lunches the night before, laying out your outfit the night before, using a timer to make sure you’re staying on task – and it’s true these routines can help. But in my own personal experience there’s only one thing I do every morning that makes a

Holistic Organizers TeleSummit Happening Now!

WOW! If you’ve been listening in to the Holistic Organizers TeleSummit so far I know you’ve been as impressed as I have been with the content Annie and Melody have presented for us. I know I’m taking notes! Here are a couple points that really resonated with me that I’ve jotted down: The pain pushes us until the vision pulls us. Most of us have dominator relationships with our homes in the West – what

Escape Your Clutter Prison

Are you working too hard to create the results you want? Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels without really making progress on your Big Goals? It may be the clutter clogging your rooms that is causing your problem! You see, if your home or workspace is cluttered, that clutter is doing more than clogging and slowing down the chi, or life-force, in your physical space. It’s also clogging your mental space! It’s

Self Care, Reflection, and Planning

The business of professional organizing can be a bit like a roller coaster – sometimes you have tons of work, sometimes you have none. Wherever you happen to fall, take advantage of it. Make the money when you can, enjoy the downtime and rest when you can is my motto. I am coming to the end of what has been a particularly busy season of working with clients. What I’ve begun to realize these past

Insider Tips Series: Julie Gray on Mindfulness and Meditation, Part 2

Today I’m back with Julie Gray of Profound Impact. Last week Julie gave us some great tips about meditation and mindfulness and today we learn more. Tracy: What has been the biggest benefit for you personally in doing meditation? Julie: The biggest benefit has been that I’m so much calmer, I have less anxiety about interacting and meeting others. Needing to have all the answers, that has dramatically decreased because I know, and meditation has

Insider Tips Series: Julie Gray on Mindfulness and Meditation, Part 1

Today I’m joined by holistic organizer Julie Gray. Julie runs an organizational coaching firm, helping clients gain the mindful awareness and system alignment they need to develop, organize and achieve a business they love and a lifestyle they enjoy. Today we’re talking about the impact that meditation and mindfulness have played in her personal life as well as her professional life. Tracy: You’ve been meditating for a while now, how did you get started with meditation?

Taking Some Downtime from Technology

If you follow my posts with any regularity you already know that I’m a big fan of taking digital sabbaticals.  Tomorrow I’m off on another adventure that will put me in the position of being secluded from many forms of technology – I’m really looking forward to it! This particular expedition will not be nearly as intense as the Vipassana meditation course I did last September as we are allowed and encouraged to speak to others participating in the course.

When Life Gives You Lemons…..

You’ve all heard this saying before, “When life give you lemons, make lemonade.”  Personally I prefer lemon bars, but that’s another story.   Yesterday turned out to be much more challenging than I originally anticipated.  Usually this is my day off, a day I get to kick back and take it easy.  I’ve been preparing for a trip to Northern California where I’m going to be doing some more continuing education.  For this course I’m

Embracing the Changes the Seasons Bring

If you’re lucky like me, you live somewhere that you get the experience the amazing beauty of all four seasons.  Ok, I suppose that’s not totally fair.  There are of course some really awesome places in the world where the weather doesn’t change significantly from season to season (and it’s an amazing treat to take a trip in the dead of a frigid winter to a warmer climate!), but I guess I just prefer to

Quiet Time

While I was on my vacation last month, I spent part of it at a ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat in rural Eastern Colorado where all participants took a vow of silence, or observed Noble Silence as they called it.  We were not allowed to speak to other students (we could speak to the teacher or staff if we had problems). We were not supposed to even use hand gestures to communicate or even make eye contact. We also turned over