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What’s Blocking Your Flow?

Lately I’ve been feeling life like a river. I can choose to go with the flow or fight my way upstream like so many before me have done. Although swimming upstream make work for salmon, for us humans going with the flow of the river makes life so much easier. Sometimes I’m in the flow and life seems easy, but then at other times I get caught in a snag along the bank and it

What Happens When You Create Space for Yourself?

Working on a whole house project can be tricky – where’s the best place to start? A client of mine, Sarah, brought me in to help her get her whole house back on track. As a single mom of two running her own business it was clear to me that she put almost everything and everyone else before her own needs. Her home reflected this perfectly. She lives in a house that she has been

BIG NEWS! Get Your Copy of ‘Our Gratitude Mission’

I’ve been working on a project for the last two years with 15 authors and countless other people, like editors, proofreaders, and designers who have been invaluable to the process. What’s the project? A book called ‘Our Gratitude Mission,’ and I’m happy to report that we are in the very final stages of getting the book published! Here’s what it’s about: “Want to live a better life, one in which you are more grateful? Looking

A Recovering Clutter Addict Shares Her Story

Recently a brave soul reached out and shared part of her own story around clutter with me. I was touched by her sharing and thought you could benefit from reading her insights as well. She gave me permission to share parts of her revelations with you: “Clutter is based on and causes severe emotional imbalance either by itself or with other, I may as well say addictions. Clutter is a real denial, one because it’s

Special Savings on Group Clutter Clearing

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. In honor of this day of gratitude I’ve decided to offer my community a very special deal on Group Clutter Clearing Days. After Thanksgiving things get geared up for various winter holiday celebrations, and for many people this means prepping their homes for company. Sometimes people need a bit of accountability, cheerleading, and a good dose of fun and reward to get to tackling these seemingly big decluttering tasks before the

Big Ah-ha’s Come From Looking at the Emotional Side of Your Clutter

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with a woman, Julie, who is getting ready to make some big transitions in her life. As is the tendency with a lot of the people I meet and get to talking with, the conversation turned to clutter. Julie told me she’s pretty good about keeping clutter under control. I could tell by glancing around her home that this was true – pathways were clear, horizontal spaces were

Every Single Thing You Own Has an Energetic Affect on You

Every single thing you own has an energetic affect on you. That’s a pretty bold statement, don’t you think? Perhaps it seems pretty clear how a photo of a former lover might make you feel sad or lonely, but is it really possible that something like a pizza cutter affects you too? It makes sense that overflowing and disorganized bookcases might make you feel overwhelmed, but if your bookcases aren’t completely full and you can

Why Is Organizing Photos So Damn Hard?

I’ve got a confession to make, my photos were the last thing in my house to get fully organized – and that only happened about a year ago! It took me literally years to get it done. Several years ago I had even gone to a photo organizing course in which we were to bring all of our photos and were provided with photo organizing containers and several hours to work on the project. I

How Much Compassion Do You Have for You and Your Clutter?

If you’re like most of the people on this planet, you’ll probably answer, “not very much” or “compassion for myself and my clutter, what the heck does that mean?” Here’s something to think about: Although some of the physical items in your home may help propel you into the future, everything in your home has some kind of emotional tie into your past or present. It might be weird to think that something as simple

Your Home and Your Stuff as “Beings”

Recently I had the most interesting email land in my inbox. With the writer’s permission I’d like to share part of it with you: “…this is far out, but I am understanding that everything around us has or is a Being. Everything in your house too. So that is why your stuff can talk to you 🙂 These Beings want to be of service to us. I remember one time a beautiful pond and a sunrise.

Can Old Journals Be Clutter?

I’ve gone through different periods of my life where I wrote in a journal very regularly. Until the last year or two I kept every single one of them. Recently I came across some old journals again and decided it was finally time to reread them and feel into whether they were clutter. Was it time for them to go or was there was something really worth saving in there? The first journals I read went

Surrendering into the Chaos

I realized the other day that it’s been a long time since I connected with you! I apologize for being so out of touch, but if you’re been a part of the Synergy Organizing Community for awhile, you know that I’ve recently had some health problems that really knocked me down. I was surprised at how hard it hit me to tell the truth, because I’ve always been the kind of person who keeps getting

Create the Impossible – cleanse4expansion!

I am so thankful for the amazing connections I have made with folks via social media. Just the other day I happened to connect with a gal on Twitter, Helena Roth, and after seeing my profile which mentioned that I am a clutter coach, she reached out to me to let me know about the 90 day challenge she had embarked upon – the clease4expansion – 90 days of purging her physical and digital spaces

Letting Go of the “Shoulds”

This post marks the 200th blog article on Synergy Organizing! I kept watching the blog post counter move closer and closer to the 200 mark – and it seemed like a big deal to me. This blog has been operational for a little over five years now, which means I have written about 40 articles per year. Some of the credit does go to guest bloggers, but 95% of the articles have been written by

7 Reasons People Find Themselves in Paper Clutter Overwhelm

Over the course of the last couple years, pretty much every single client I have worked with has had questions about or problems with paper overwhelm. I’ve certainly been there myself. As I’ve gotten older it seems like there has been an ever increasing amount of paper that comes into my life. If I’m not continually diligent about processing it, it’s not long before it starts to feel overwhelming. Having good systems in place certainly is

[Free Class] What’s Food Got to Do With Clutter?

We are now one month into the New Year and statistics show that 46% of people who make a weight loss resolution never make it past 6 months. Are you one of them? Have you been on the dieting roller coaster for what seems like forever? I was speaking to a friend of mine, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Bonnie Giller, not too long ago about the connection between clutter and weight issues. I told her

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Decluttering Seems Like No Fun

One reader wrote in and asked: How do I keep motivated when decluttering feels so overwhelming and not fun at all? Just about no matter what the task at hand is, we all go through phases of feeling motivated and then feeling discouraged. Depending on how much clutter you have, it may take a month or months or even years to get through it all. It may seem exasperating to look at the total length

Clutter Clearing As a Journey of Self Discovery

How many articles have you read about decluttering and getting organized? How many TV shows have you watched? How many websites have you visited? And have you moved forward or are you still stuck with your wheels spinning? My guess is if you’re reading this is that you may have made some progress or maybe you feel even more stuck than before, but one thing is for certain, you want to change your life and