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Top 10 Organizing Myths Revealed

This month I’ve teamed up with Christian Organizer Coach Tiffany Lynn Lepp to bring you the Top 10 Organizing Myths. Beliefs about what “organized” should be or should mean can often keep us stuck and block us from making progress on our organizing and decluttering projects. If getting organized is on your to-do list, take a few minutes to watch the video and make sure you’re not buying into these myths! [youtube][/youtube] Tiffany Lynn Lepp began

December Giveaway: Balanced Living Inner Circle Membership.. a $350 Value!

In November I had the pleasure of being one of the speakers on the Balanced Living Expo. After speaking more extensively with our host, Rose Hawley, a Professional Organizer and Simplify Life Coach, she has agreed to give away one membership to the Inner Circle Balanced Living Community, a $350 value! Here’s what you get if you win: Access to download the all the Balanced Living Expo recordings until November 2014 (16 hours of training

November Giveaway: Time Management Toolkit, a $47 value!

The November Giveaway on the Synergy Organizing blog is the Time Management Toolkit, How to Shift from Overwhelm and Overwork to Clear Priorities and a To-Do List That is Actually Doable, by Time Saver Specialist Julie Gray. A brief overview of what is included: Join me on experiential journey that leverages audio, visual graphics, body-centered exercises, and a workbook full of helpful workflow templates you can use everyday. You will receive a 20-minute downloadable recording, e-book,

Holiday Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here, and in the US everyone knows what that means – the kick off to the winter holiday season. Most people think the holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, but the truth is, that’s not the reality for everyone. Multiple family gatherings, stressful shopping situations, the need to appear perfect…. it can be a time of extreme frustration, financial insecurity, and overwhelming stress – but it doesn’t have to be

3 Big Reasons You’re Not Finishing Your Declutter Project

If you’re like so many of the people I speak with this time of year, the winter holidays are already starting to creep into your mind. Maybe you have wanted to host friends and/or family for the last several years, but you’re just too embarrassed by all the clutter. Maybe you’ve started your declutter project many different times, but you just don’t seem to be able to follow through with what you say you’re going

How Multitasking Could Be Ruining Your Life

Multitasking, we tend to think, is a promise of “getting more done in the same amount of time”; it guarantees “productivity” and “doing it all”. But what are the costs? Is it really possible to multitask? What are we really gaining–and what are we losing–by consistently multitasking in our everyday lives? Join me and my co-hosts Danielle Mund, and Veronica Taylor in this riveting discussion about the hidden costs of this everyday phenomenon on the

Free Coaching Resources for You

When I was presented with the opportunity to join the ranks of coaches who are a part of the Life Coach Radio Networks I knew something really special was about to happen. Since I said “yes” I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and collaborating with some really great coaches from around the US. Plus I’m feeling even more inspired to continue my own work as a Clutter Coach (even coaches need coaching!). At the

NEW: Monthly Giveaways from Synergy Organizing

In order to spice up the blog a bit, I’m starting monthly giveaways. Woohoo, who doesn’t love free stuff, and free stuff to help you kick that clutter to the curb for good? Even better. To get things started, for the October giveaway you can win a copy of my Clear the Clutter workbook, a $27 value. Ready to clear the clutter and get organized? Clearing out the clutter isn’t just about opening up your

Ready to Start Your Journey to Loving Your Life?

An enriching event, the Balanced Living Expo, created to help you discover how much you can love your own life is starting soon. I’m excited to have been invited to participate with the other amazing speakers who will reveal their own stories and paths to finding balance. Let me ask you this: Do you sometimes think “There MUST BE MORE THAN THIS for me but how can I possibly fit one more thing into my life?” Do

Clear the Mental Clutter With B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)

Have you struggled with getting organized for years? Does it seem like no matter what you do you just can’t get it together? What I’ve noticed over the years is that there is a HUGE connection between physical clutter and mental clutter. Typically one doesn’t exist without the other. But here’s the other thing I’ve noticed – once you shift one type of clutter, the other tends to shift as well. For those who are

9 Activities to Stop Overwhelm Right Now

When I participated in the Escape Your Prison Telesummit the beginning of 2013, one of my colleagues, Erika Salloux, mentioned something in her talk that has continued to stay with me: When you’re in overwhelm, that really just means that you body and your mind aren’t in the same place at the same time. How many times do you feel your brain is racing ten steps ahead of where you are right now? Interestingly, what can

Organize Food Sharing with Meal Train

Have you ever wanted to help out a friend in need? Have you ever gone through a significant life event like illness, loss of a loved one, or new baby and had friends ask you what they could do to help? Sometimes when life gets chaotic, one of the most appreciated things people can do for each other is prepare and share meals. Back in the pre-internet days these were organized by people usually by

Emergency Preparedness: Review the Contents of Your Disaster Bin

What is a disaster bin? My husband coined this phrase in 2008 when our area experienced a 500-year flood. Although our home never got flooded, we were certainly affected since at that time both of us had to cross the river to get to our respective jobs, and many of the major roadways in, out, and around town were closed. Fear ran rampant in our area. With the flood being so bad that our water

Join the 30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge

Last week I celebrated 5 years of being in business for myself – sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve been helping people declutter and get organized for that long! Primarily I’ve been working onsite with clients these 5 years, and what I’ve realized in the last few months is that I can have a much bigger impact by moving at least some of my programs to an internet-based format. The more people I can serve

3 Ways to Honor Your Sentimental Items and Reduce the Clutter

When I work with clients, one of the common things people have trouble with is sentimental items they received or inherited. Some of us feel that to donate or otherwise get rid of these items that have been passed down isn’t right, that we must keep the item to honor that person’s memory. But how are you honoring a person’s memory if all that stuff is just sitting in your basement gathering dust and mold? Just

The Most Important Part of My Morning Routine: Meditation

Many professional organizers will tell you about the ways you can improve the flow of your day by having a great morning routine which might include prepping the kids’ lunches the night before, laying out your outfit the night before, using a timer to make sure you’re staying on task – and it’s true these routines can help. But in my own personal experience there’s only one thing I do every morning that makes a

5 Ways to Make Taking a Technology Break Easier

I’m back from my technology break and feeling rejuvenated from the downtime. The last few posts have been about my technology breaks, but this time I thought I’d share some quick easy tips on how to make yours even easier. Even if you don’t carry a laptop with you, if you have a smartphone taking a technology break can seem quite challenging. With just a click of a couple buttons you can have all the

Taking Some Downtime from Technology

I’m currently on a digital sabbatical. In the meantime, please enjoy a previous post on the topic of taking a break from technology originally published March 29, 2012: If you follow my posts with any regularity you already know that I’m a big fan of taking digital sabbaticals.  Tomorrow I’m off on another adventure that will put me in the position of being secluded from many forms of technology – I’m really looking forward to it! This particular expedition will not be