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How Many Unread Books Do You Have Around Your House?

Although I have cut back my e-newsletter subscriptions immensely, one that I always look forward to is from Cecilia Moorcroft of Space for Life. Not long ago this dandy article landed in my inbox: What Story Are Your Unread Books Trying To Tell?.  After reading the article, I jumped up and ran to my book shelves. I was a little surprised to find about 12 books that I was ready to let go of. Most of the

An Idea To Display Your Antique Family Dishes

One of the items that’s common for me to come across in an onsite clutter consultation is dishes – and sometimes boxes and boxes of family dishes. Many different patterns, some passed down from family members, some received as weddings gifts – how people come to have so many sets of dishes varies from person to person, but it does seem to be prevalent with many of the people I encounter to have multiple sets.

2 Free Resources for Stopping Junk (Snail) Mail

Recently I shared some tips on how to start getting a handle your email inbox. One of the biggest ways to make email easier is to reduce how much email is coming to your inbox in the first place. The same is true when it comes to snail mail. In this short video I give you two great resources for reducing your incoming junk mail: [youtube][/youtube]   In case you didn’t quite get those links

Ever Feel Energetically Drained During or After Decluttering?

Although many people feel lighter after clearing their clutter, it does happen that sometimes people feel energetically drained or heavier. Stagnant energy collects around clutter, and when we start decluttering that energy gets all stirred up. If we don’t take some measures to manage and protect our own energy that stirred up energy can get stuck to us and pull our energy levels down. Here are three easy ways to manage and protect your energy

Do You Dread Opening Your Email?

Remember the days when we were excited to log into our email accounts? Remember when we were actually happy to receive a notice that there was new mail? These days I meet more people who dread opening their email account than who are delighted at the prospect of new email. What happened? Well, email marketing for a start. Back in the mid 90’s when I got my first email address, I never got notices from

What’s Love Got To Do With Organizing?

The following is a guest post by Tiffany Lynn Lepp, Christian Organizer Coach. Tiffany coaches women on how to live a less cluttered and more Christ centered life. She does this through her one-on-one and group simplification coaching programs that focus on home, paper, time, and project clutter. Follow her blog at: Earlier this year, Tracy interviewed me on Blog Talk Radio around The Spiritual Side of Clutter. During the interview she said something

Adventures in Bed Thwacking

Did you know that everything you own collects energy imprints? This may sound strange to some, but the longer I do the work that I do, the more tangible these energies are becoming to me. Take a moment to think where you spend most of your time. The couch or your office might be the first thing to come to mind, but consider for a moment that most of us spend about one-third of our

Join Me For Two Free Upcoming Events

I’m participating in two free-to-the-public events this week that I’d love for you to attend. First up, I’m a speaker on the Reclaim Your Health eSummit that starts Wednesday May 7 and runs through Friday May 9. My talk is happening Wednesday May 7 at 3pm Central (that’s TOMORROW!). Learn more about the event and register here:  Here’s what I’m planning to touch on during the interview: 1. Three reasons we resist letting go of physical

How To Deal With Other People’s Clutter

Here’s question I get asked a lot, “What do I do about the clutter that belongs to the other people in my house?” The answer might surprise you! Watch this really short video (less than 2.5 minutes!) with the answer to that question. If you’ve got housemates whose clutter is driving you crazy then check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! [youtube][/youtube]    

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Schedule

The following is a guest post by Julie Gray, Holistic Time Coach. Julie specializes in working with passionate business owners who are ready to get their business automated and life back. Join Julie on her free teleclass this Thursday and learn the 7 Systems You Need to Confidently Take A Day, Week, or Even Month Off From Your Business – Without And Guilt. Click here to sign up: Are you sabotaging your schedule? Believe

Can You Be Organized AND in the Flow?

I was recalling an earlier blog post I wrote about being in the flow with regards to running a business and the ups and downs it can bring. Things again have been shifting for me with regards to Synergy Organizing – this time last year I was primarily working onsite with clients, but over the course of the last six months or so I’ve been transitioning to doing more clutter coaching online. It’s been an

Leverage Spring to Clear Your Clutter

It seems every blog post I read these days has something to do with spring cleaning. Ever wonder why that is? I’ve done clutter clearing during every season of the year, and although I’m a big fan of clearing clutter any time of year, especially in the Fall, Spring brings a very special energy that makes it a perfect time to really dig your heals in and throw your Will into getting rid of that

Planning & Organizing for A New Baby

Is a new baby in your future? Getting ready for a new baby can seem overwhelming – so much to plan, so much gear to buy, so much to rearrange in your life. Recently I had the great pleasure to interview Pregnancy Coach Kristen Foster on my radio show Reclaiming Space on International Life Coach Radio. We had such a great time chatting about how reclaiming the act of birth itself can be so empowering,

What Do YOU Want in a Deeper Clutter Clearing Program?

My foundation level program, the Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life Bootcamp, was created because I heard from so many people on my blog, in emails, and in classes I taught that they just didn’t know where to start. The Bootcamp is set up to help you build the foundation for decluttering your home, a foundation that can help propel you towards the realization of those clear spaces you so desire. But I also have

Our Relationship With Our Spaces

On a recent trip to New York City I was reminded of how differently people tend to relate to their spaces out there than we do here in the Middle of the Midwest, USA. This in turn led me to review the different sizes and types of spaces I’ve lived in through the years and over the course of 23 moves between ages 18-31. Many of those were quite small spaces, and some of them

3 Organizing Ebooks Bundle – Enter to Win the Giveaway!

This month’s Giveaway is brought to you courtesy of Janet Barclay of Organized Assistant. This time you have a chance to win 3 Organizing Ebooks: the Personal Medical Organizer, Organizing Your Life Your Way, and Mom’s Returning to Work. Personal Medical Organizer It is very important to keep track of your own medical history, including symptoms, prescription drugs, treatments, and so on. Keeping this information together in an organized fashion makes things much easier if

New Giveaway: Enter to Win 2 Organizing eGuides, a $28 Value

This month’s enter-to-win Giveaway prize is provided by Christian Organizer Coach Tiffany Lynn Lepp. Tiffany Lynn Lepp began working as a professional organizer 6 years ago. About 4 years into her career she discovered the power of the coaching process and took extensive training to learn the art of coaching. Tiffany’s coaching programs are for women of all ages who want to organize and simplify their lives, but don’t need the physical support or presence that a typical professional organizer provides. Tiffany coaches women

A New Year, A New YOU Giveaway

Happy New Year! Are you ready for some free tools that will support you to live the life you want and deserve in 2014? Then check out the “A New Year, A New You Giveaway.” I’ve joined forces with some other choice life and business coaches, professional organizers, and wellness experts to share some of our best stuff (for free!) with you in celebration of the new year. Why would we agree to giveaway this stuff to you?