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Quiet Time

While I was on my vacation last month, I spent part of it at a ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat in rural Eastern Colorado where all participants took a vow of silence, or observed Noble Silence as they called it.  We were not allowed to speak to other students (we could speak to the teacher or staff if we had problems). We were not supposed to even use hand gestures to communicate or even make eye contact. We also turned over

What’s YOUR priority?

I often hear the phrase, “Why can’t there be more hours in a day?” or  “If I just had more time I could get more done.”  Many people wish we could just wave a magic wand and that would give us all the time we need to get everything done we want to do.  I believe that even if we could make more time in a day, it wouldn’t solve our time crunch problem.  Why?

Scouting for Food

If you live in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo area, you may have found a bag much like this one on your front doorstep in the past few days: This is a great opportunity to purge some of those items in your pantry that you may have bought (maybe you got a great deal or thought you’d try out that new recipe) that are now just sitting in the cupboard.  Please remember to only

A Digital Sabbatical

As I’m preparing for a long-overdue vacation that starts tomorrow, I’m again thinking about my email and my digital sabbatical.  I had a meeting with one of my business coaches yesterday, and she really helped me understand why this time away from the internet and input in general is so important for me in particular – information gathering is one of my core strengths.  It’s true, I’m an information junkie.  I love reading – books, internet

Email Overload!

As I am preparing to take some much needed time off work (which includes spending ten days completely without email and another ten with limited access) I was thinking about some of the different things I can do to make my return to reality easier. When I’ve taken vacations before, one of the things I’ve often felt overloaded by was the amount of email in my inbox that I have to sort through when I

Garage Decluttering and a Trip to the ReStore

This week, one of the projects I’ve been helping a client tackle is sorting out his garage in preparation for selling his home and his move.  We worked on decluttering the inside of the home awhile back, but this week we tackled the garage.  This client has a large assortment of hobbies and interests ranging from sports, construction, carpentry, painting, remote control cars, and others – and his garage had become a catch-all for supplies.

Synergy Organizing’s August Newsletter Is Out!

Every month we put out a newsletter with the latest news of what’s going on at Synergy Organizing – everything from new employees to new services, great deals and specials.  Are you subscribed?  Visit our archives to view previous newsletters or sign up now to receive future newsletters.  As professional organizers we know that you may already receive a lot of email.  Our newsletter comes out about once a month, and we promise to never

We Work With Hoarders

Due to the popularity of “Hoarders” and “Buried Alive”, often the first question I am asked when I tell people I’m a professional organizer is, “Do you ever work with hoarders?”  The answer is yes, we do.  Our client base in this particular area of professional organizing is fairly small at this time, but it has been slowly growing.  These shows have brought to light a sector of the population that was previously relatively unknown.

The Project Professional is Now Synergy Organizing

We’re making some changes… The Project Professional is changing its name to Synergy Organizing to more accurately reflect our services. Change Happens.  Do you remember the old saying, “What’s the one thing you can always count on to stay the same?  That every thing’s changing all the time!”  The longer I’m a professional organizer, the more I realize this is true.   If we’re not changing, we’re not learning and growing.  Very few of us want

Moving to a Retirement Home

The last couple weeks I’ve been helping a couple get prepared for their move into a retirement home.  It makes my job so much easier when people are ready and willing to make this type of move rather than when they are feeling forced into such a situation. Change can be hard (it’s true I’ve shed at least a few tears every single time I’ve moved that I can remember), but it’s so much easier

Organize Your Fruits and Veggies With FridgeSmarts from Tupperware

Summer is nearly upon us, and at least in my part of the country that means much more fresh produce in the fridge.  Up until I discovered Fridge Smarts from Tupperware, I was using Debbie Meyers Green Bags.  I did find that the Green Bags helped extend the life of my fruits and veggies quite a bit, but I also found that the color of the bags and the irregular shape made it easy for

Becoming Less and Less Attached to Stuff

The longer I’m a professional organizer, the less attached to my own stuff I’m getting.  At the end of last month I had the privilege of being asked to participate in a Jazz I Alumni Band.  My high school band director is a great and inspiring man, and in honor of his retirement, the alumni band was formed (in secret!) and performed at the high school’s annual talent show.  As I was preparing for this reunion I

Falling Behind on the Best Laid Plans

Even those of us who are fairly organized can fall behind on the best laid plans.  Here it is, nearly the end of May and I have yet to actually plant anything in my own garden.  I was so excited when the weather turned warmer the end of March – we got our garden plot tilled and ready to go! However, considering the very strange weather we’ve been having here in Iowa, and the fact

What Does Gardening Teach Us About Getting Organized?

As I was installing some new plants for a client yesterday I started thinking about what working in the garden can teach us about getting organized, and was amazed at how many similarities I came up with.  So this week I bring you my thoughts on this topic.The primary idea that kept ringing through my brain is that gardening shows us how removing the old makes way for the new.  Most gardeners are out in

POP! Goes Everything Outside!

I was out of town for four days and returned to find all kinds of new beauties had arrived in my garden.  Here’s a quick look at what’s going on out there these days:  The coral bell which my mom gave me last year, I wasn’t sure this one was going to make it, so it’s great to see it popping up.  The forsythia in full bloom!  I guess it gets to stay after all.

What’s Going On in Your Garden?

Spring is in the air!  This week I want to give you a quick tour of what we’re up to in our yard this time of year in Iowa. First, snow glories! It may be hard to tell from this picture, but the snow glories are starting to form a carpet of color on our lawn.  We have Zoysia grass in our yard, so getting a early color in the front is always welcome since

More on Getting Organized with Tupperware

I’ve mentioned the wonderfulness of Modular Mates from Tupperware for organizing before, but I only owned a few of them myself before this week.  Tuesday night I was lucky enough to travel to a Tupperware Rally with one of my up line team members who happened to have a large set of Modular Mates she had earned at a super cheap price and was willing to sell them to me.  Today was the day I

Even Bike Mechanics Get Organized

I am so excited to have recently purchased a new bike!  Some of you may know that I love cycling and went on my first RAGBRAI in 2007 – I was 30 at the time and I had been dreaming of riding this event since I was 15.  2007 My cycling team (Team Thirsty Turtles) has gotten more fancy now, and we even have our own jerseys (we’re pretty easy to spot in these babies,