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Free Organizing Tips in Our 10-Part E-book

Did you know that when you sign up for Synergy Organizing newsletters you get access to the e-book Top Ten Tips: Reclaiming Space for What Matters Most? This ten-part e-book will walk you through the steps to getting started on your organizing project. By the time you’re done you’ll have developed a strategy for tackling your clutter for good, including knowing whether hiring a professional is in your best interest. Start here if you’re ready

Thanks to All Who Participated and Extended Period to Upgrade

I am so thankful to have gotten to participate in the Escape Your Clutter Prison TeleSummit last month. It was such a joy to share my work with you, and it has been really exciting to hear your feedback and connect with individuals through my Clutter Coaching Consults. Because we’ve had such a wonderful response, we’ve decided to continue to offer you the $47 Upgrade package until March 31, 2013! If you missed some of

BONUS Live Q&A Call With Me 2/27 Wednesday, 8pm ET

Because so many people were not able to listen to my talk on Chronic Disorganization + B.E.S.T. (and we received a TON of emails from people who had questions and wanted to learn more), I have agreed to give you an amazing BONUS. This Wednesday at 8PM Eastern, I will do a Bonus Call on Chronic Disorganization where I’ll answer your questions LIVE. If you or someone you love has been tolerating clutter for years,

Holistic Organizers TeleSummit Happening Now!

WOW! If you’ve been listening in to the Holistic Organizers TeleSummit so far I know you’ve been as impressed as I have been with the content Annie and Melody have presented for us. I know I’m taking notes! Here are a couple points that really resonated with me that I’ve jotted down: The pain pushes us until the vision pulls us. Most of us have dominator relationships with our homes in the West – what

What is a Success Partner?

Today I’m joined by guest blogger Melody LeBaron. As a Professional Organizer, Feng Shui consultant and Space Clearing practitioner who has studied indigenous ways, Melody gives clients a whole new paradigm for relating to their homes and workspaces! Melody talks to us today about partnering with our homes for success. What is a Success Partner? You may not have heard the term before, but I’ll bet you intuitively know what a Success Partner is: someone who

Escape Your Clutter Prison

Are you working too hard to create the results you want? Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels without really making progress on your Big Goals? It may be the clutter clogging your rooms that is causing your problem! You see, if your home or workspace is cluttered, that clutter is doing more than clogging and slowing down the chi, or life-force, in your physical space. It’s also clogging your mental space! It’s

Special Event in the Works!

You may have noticed my blogging absence over the last couple weeks. Although sometimes I wish it was because I was off on a vacation adventure, the truth is, I’ve been having a grand time working diligently with five other holistic organizers from across the US. We’re collaborating to bring you a very special event – and the best part is – it’s totally FREE for you to participate! I’ll be sending out more information

Start On Your Taxes Now, Save Time Later

A new year, a new round of paper work to file and organize. January is a great time to get started on collecting all your tax information and purging the old paperwork you no longer need. This weekend I was able to recycle this huge stack of paper from my business files. I am on a mission to go paperless in my business, not only to free up space in my office, but also to

Guest Blogging Over at Life in Yellow Today

If getting organized in 2013 is one of your New Year resolutions you’ll want to check out my post over on Life in Yellow today. If there’s one thing every home needs, it’s a command center. If you’re not sure if you have one or have no idea how to set one up, head over there and check it out! Life in Yellow also features tons of great posts about home improvement, cooking, decorating, and

Sing It Again for the Annual Review

I’m on a mini sabbatical. While I’m away, please enjoy this post on annual reviews previously published on this blog: For the past few years I have opted to not make any New Year’s resolutions.  This isn’t because there’s not anything I want to do in the new year,  I just take a different approach. I first started an Annual Review process, both for my business and my personal life, in December 2010.  It has been

Synergy Organizing Upcoming 2013 Events

For a lot of people December isn’t always the best time to start getting organized; however, January often is the perfect time. Is 2013 the year you finally get organized? Here’s what’s on the list of events to help you clear the clutter for good in 2013: FREE Clutter Support Group will meet the third Friday of the month Jan-April, 10-11:30am. Got clutter problems and not sure where to start? Join us Jan 18, Feb 15,

What Are Your Gifting Priorities This Holiday Season?

I’m on a mini sabbatical. While I’m away, please enjoy this post on gifting for the holidays previously published on this blog: Like it or not gifts can be the focus of the holidays.  Although the act of giving is important, I consider giving from the heart to be even more important.  Here are some ideas on how to deal with gift giving during the holiday season: Cut your list.  My husband and I have reduced

What Are Your Priorities This Holiday Season?

I’m on a mini sabbatical. While I’m away, please enjoy this post on getting ready for the holidays previously published on this blog: I work with clients every year who feel overwhelmed by the mere thought of the holiday season.  The main issues that create stress in this holiday season are related to not saying “NO” enough.  Does your calendar really need to be so crammed?  Did you really have fun at the Smith’s holiday

Self Care, Reflection, and Planning

The business of professional organizing can be a bit like a roller coaster – sometimes you have tons of work, sometimes you have none. Wherever you happen to fall, take advantage of it. Make the money when you can, enjoy the downtime and rest when you can is my motto. I am coming to the end of what has been a particularly busy season of working with clients. What I’ve begun to realize these past

Freebie Download – Getting Organized for the Holidays

Are you considering doing a holiday notebook this year? You know, some place where you write down everything that went well (or not so well) with your holiday decorating, cooking, gift giving, etc and keep it in one place so next year might be a little easier? There are a lot of free downloads to create your own holiday notebook floating around out there on the web. Here’s one from my friend over at Life

Insider Tips Series: Julie Gray on Mindfulness and Meditation, Part 2

Today I’m back with Julie Gray of Profound Impact. Last week Julie gave us some great tips about meditation and mindfulness and today we learn more. Tracy: What has been the biggest benefit for you personally in doing meditation? Julie: The biggest benefit has been that I’m so much calmer, I have less anxiety about interacting and meeting others. Needing to have all the answers, that has dramatically decreased because I know, and meditation has

Insider Tips Series: Julie Gray on Mindfulness and Meditation, Part 1

Today I’m joined by holistic organizer Julie Gray. Julie runs an organizational coaching firm, helping clients gain the mindful awareness and system alignment they need to develop, organize and achieve a business they love and a lifestyle they enjoy. Today we’re talking about the impact that meditation and mindfulness have played in her personal life as well as her professional life. Tracy: You’ve been meditating for a while now, how did you get started with meditation?

Check Out This Book Review Over on Organize to Revitalize

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m blogging over on the Organize to Revitalize blog. Think of it as a follow up to the Insider Tips series interview a few weeks ago because here I’m reviewing Brooks Palmer’s book Clutter Busting Your Life, Clearing Physical and Emotional Clutter to Reconnect with Yourself and Others . Check it outif you’ve been looking for a good read about getting rid of the physical and emotional clutter! And stay tuned for later this