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It’s Officially Time to Put the Garden to Bed for the Winter

Last week we had our first hard frost, which for most of us in Iowa is synonymous with the end of the growing season.  I’ve still got some lettuce and spinach growing, and a few of my cold-hardy perennials are still going strong, but there were plenty of other chores to be done after that frost – pulling up annuals, cutting back perennials, dumping container plants into the compost, and mulching leaves into the yard,

Label Once Erasable Labels

For the last several years I have enjoyed making and storing lots of homemade foods.  “Freezer meals” is a commonly uttered phrase around our house.  The one problem I kept encountering was how to label all these foods.  I tried paper stick-on labels that you hand write (which always made a mess when you tried to remove them or smeared/disintegrated if they got wet), I tried various types of tape (masking, duct – same mess

Topsy Turvy Product Review

This spring I was excited to find the Topsy Turvy tomato growers at the low, low price of $5 a piece at our local Menards.  I had been eyeing this product for more than a year, but last year they cost about $20 a piece, and I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money on these devices. Our yard is fairly small, but in my ideal world my husband and I would be able

Iowa Professional Organizers Annual Meeting

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to make the drive to Des Moines to meet up with other members of the Iowa Professional Organizers for our annual meeting.  Over lunch we discussed some business issues related to the organization, but a large part of our get together was spent brainstorming how we can more effectively educate and reach out to others regarding what our industry does and can provide.  We also spent a good chunk

Tupperware Grand Opening Limited Time Special Offer

It’s official, I am now a Tupperware Consultant!! Tupperware offers a number of excellent storage solutions, and not just for the kitchen. If you have any doubt about the superior quality of Tupperware, read my bio on how I decided to become involved with Tupperware. To celebrate my Grand Opening as a Tupperware Consultant, for a limited time only, mention this ad and receive $25 off your first three hour professional organizing session with The

When (Adult) Kids Leave Stuff Behind

A few weeks ago I did a talk on downsizing for a women’s group. One of the questions that came up at the end was, “What should we do about stuff that our grown kids have left behind?” The first thing I would recommend is talking to your kids and letting them know that you’re trying to downsize and what your goals are for going through this process. I think you’ll find that in most

Forced Purgings

Today I read an article that stirred up a lot of emotions for me. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check out Are You Possessed, an article recently published in the Huffington Post regarding the emotional value of stuff and how it affects people, especially in relation to losing it all in a natural disaster. Just a few days ago, I was chatting with my friend and local photographer Julie Staub

The Joy of Taking a Break from Technology

This time last year I was just returning from the longest technology break I had taken in years, well, ever really. I had the opportunity to join two of my cousins and a friend on a fishing trip in the middle-of-nowhere Canada, aka Skinner Lake, about an hour plane ride north of Pickle Lake, Ontario. As I do not have an international plan for my phone, it was off the minute we crossed the Canadian

Small Organization Maintanence Tasks

My home is fairly organized. I spent a lot of time last winter searching thru every closet, every cupboard, every drawer – almost every inch of the house it seemed – reorganizing everything. But that doesn’t mean I’m done. What many people don’t realize is that being organized is a continually ongoing process. In fact, you must be diligent in your efforts to remain organized. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For example, today while

Vs. The Cleaning Supply Closet

I spent a really good chunk of last winter reorganizing virtually our whole house. Once summer hit, work got especially busy for me, and the last two organizing projects at our house fell by the wayside. Today I conquered one of them: the cleaning supply closet. This particular closet has been my nemesis since I moved in with my husband, who had lived in our house 5 years before I got there. The upper shelf

Headrick Farm Auction

A couple weeks ago, I headed down to St. Joseph, MO. The time had come for my grandparents to move from the high-maintenance, 40-acre farm they had lived on for 53 years to a smaller, more manageable space. My mom and her sister and brother helped with the the actual move the week before the rest of the family showed up. The task after the move was complete was getting everything they didn’t take with

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Getting Organized in the Garden

Although the snow keeps falling here in Iowa, it’s true that spring is just around the corner. Personally I’ve been enjoying this winter, but as March creeps up on us, it’s time to start getting organized in the garden. Do you keep a garden journal? I have in the past, but I have to admit that even I was not terribly organized about the whole process before this year. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon

How Much is Your Time Worth To You?

“The Wall Street Journal reports that the average American business person loses six weeks a year searching for lost or misplaced articles from messy desks and files.” -Dr. Donald E. WetmoreSix weeks? This means the average business person spends about 11% of his or her time looking for lost items. That translates into a $2,600 loss for every $10 per hour employee per year. Is this an expense your business can afford? How much time

Get Organized – and Donate to a Good Cause

One of the ways I have promoted the business is to donate my time to charity auctions. Last August I donated to “Wining and Dining With Men Who Cook”, sponsored by the Pilot Club of Iowa City. In December I donated time to the Home Builders Association auction, which helps fund their annual scholarship program. This month I am donating an initial consultation (always free!) and three hours of professional organizing services to Mecca’s Give

Project Professional Update

Dear Friends, Greetings! As 2009 comes to a close, I wanted to let you know about some changes that will be happening at The Project Professional. First off, due to insurance issues, I will be discontinuing services outside the realm of landscaping and professional organization as of January 1, 2010. My basic labor rates for landscaping and organizing will be increasing to $50 per hour. Seniors aged 60 and over will receive a 15% discount