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Spring Cleaning Frenzy!

The last couple weeks have been a small bit of torture for me.  Cabin fever was setting in thick, and not a moment too soon the weather got warmer.  Now I don’t know if this is just a Midwesterner thing, but when the weather gets warm I get the itch to clean, clean, clean! I’ll admit though, cleaning in general is one of my least favorite tasks.  This is just one of the reasons I

Feng Shui and My Room of Shame

Most people know that getting organized doesn’t just happen, it takes some work.  What some people don’t think about is the maintenance afterward.  This even applies to us professional organizers! Lately, I’ve found myself interested in learning more about feng shui.  Three books I have read and absolutely loved on the topic include: Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui, and 10-Minute Clutter Control: Easy Feng Shui Tips for Getting

Mapping Out Your Garden

It’s finally March!  It’s been great having some extra sunshine these past few days, and it’s even more exciting that the sun is coming up before 7 am and staying up till almost 6 pm.  The lengthening of the days always leads me to think about spring, and of course getting ready for spring plantings. I highly recommend creating a map or blueprint of your yard.  For many areas of our country, local assessors have

Garden Planning: Buying Seeds and Thinking Ahead

It’s always an exciting winter day for me when I finally feel inspired enough to head down to my local garden center and start looking through seeds.  It’s even more fun if I happen to go to a garden center that has a green house attached – there’s just something about being in that plant-borne humidity when it’s still cold outside that gives many a gardener a shiver of excitement. I have to admit, one

Time Management: What’s Your Priority?

Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about your schedule?  Is there so much busy-ness in your life that you feel like you can never catch your breath?  How is that some people seem to get so much done in 24 hours while others feel like they are constantly spinning in circles?  We all have the same 24 hours, so how do some people do it? The first and most important step in time management is

In Honor of My Dear Seeker And All the Other Animal Friends I Have Loved

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I try to keep things short and to the point.  This post is a special tribute to a special friend and is quite a bit longer than usual.  Although it’s not really about organizing, it is about emotions I’m sure everyone has experienced at one time or another. I hope you enjoy my story. My family has always had a special relationship with animals. 

Four Blog Posts to Read This Week

Here’s a quick wrap up of blog posts I’ve really enjoyed reading and recommend from the last week or so: Can forgiveness be the key in moving forward with your projects?  Forgive Yourself and Move Forward from Abundance Organizing.   Karen gives us some examples of the power of clutter clearing. Don’t read this book if you plan to sleep tonight! from Karen Kingston regarding her book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.  I consider this

How Do You Deal With Your Clutter?

I attended a women’s networking lunch last week. Each time these ladies get together, they go around the room and introduce themselves plus answer a topical question of the day. Lucky me! The question last week was: How do you deal with your decluttering projects? What tips or tricks do you have? Of course I was excited to hear so many women discussing organizing! Here are some of my favorite responses: Deal with only one

New: Three-part organizing workshop series in May 2011

I am happy to report that I will be offering a three-part organizing workshop series through the Coralville, Iowa Parks and Rec Department in May 2011.  The workshops: Creating a Family Command Center Organizing and Time Management for Busy Families Downsizing and Re-evaluating our Relationship with “Stuff” Mark your schedules for May 10th, 17th, and 24th from 630pm-8pm.  Classes will be held in the Coralville/North Liberty area. More details will be forthcoming.  In the meantime,

Organize your Kitchen Cupboards with Tupperware

How do the insides of your kitchen cupboards look today?  If you have various sizes and shapes of plastic containers it might look something like this: This is in fact my kitchen cupboard a few days ago.  It wasn’t overflowing too badly, but I was usually annoyed when putting clean containers away because the various pieces we had didn’t really fit together well and the space was not being used as efficiently as it could

Sentimental Items – Remembering, Honoring and Letting Go

Since my family helped my grandparents move into a retirement community, my mom has been on a mission to reduce clutter in her own home.  For me this has meant taking responsibility for the stuff that was mine and getting it out of their basement (this year started out with five bins left at their house, I believe I’m down to only one left?  Maybe two). The most recent box I brought home was filled

Have you Mailed Your Christmas Presents Yet???

A friend of mine told me her tale of woe yesterday as she had to stand in line at the main post office for more than 20 minutes.  I have waited in line at the post office for more than 45 minutes once (and that wasn’t even during the holidays), and it was after that time I vowed “never again”.   So what other choices do you have? I just returned from my local grocery store

Five Great Blog Articles to Read Today

It’s true, I read blogs.  In fact I read a lot of blogs.  Thank goodness for Google Reader or I’d never be able to keep them all straight (I have also found Evernote extremely helpful for archiving the articles I know I want to read again).   Today I thought I’d share with you five of my favorite blog entries I’ve come across this week and hope they give you some motivation for your own organizing

Empty Window Boxes Got You Down?

So winter is pretty much upon us.  Today we’re seeing our second snowfall here in Iowa City – and some of us (yes, me!) are getting excited thinking about cross country skiing and snowshoeing, but for many gardeners winter can be a bit depressing.  Nothing is really growing outside and the landscape looks a little blah after the great colors we had this spring, summer and fall.   I was inspired by my dear friend Phoebe

Making Room for the New – Clutter Control Maintenance

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday season – and usually the biggest gift giving and receiving time of the year in our part of the world – is fully upon us.  It’s usually about this time of year that I find myself doing a recon mission of my closet space.  Trading up the summer clothes for the winter clothes and asking myself, did I really wear this this year?  Or is it just wasting

Happy Thanksgiving!

The time is near…I can almost smell the turkey roasting in the oven already…And the stuffing, and the homemade mashed potatoes…   As I’ve mentioned before, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love getting together with my dad’s side of the family every year for a pot luck dinner and games.  But it’s also a time to remember all that we are thankful for.  I try to be thankful for everything that happens in my life

"Getting Organized to Survive the Holidays" Workshop in the Quad Cities

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of traveling to Davenport to participate in a workshop put together by Mona Brantley, owner of Organize That and new member of the Association of Iowa Professional Organizers.  Mona had organized a binder of information for each of the participants complete with multiple list builders, calendars, and party/meal planning worksheets.  As we spent some time going through the binder, Mona explained how to effectively use the lists and

Thanksgiving – the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Thanksgiving quickly approaches, and it is my most favorite holiday of the whole year.  “Traditionally,” Christmas is called the most wonderful time of the year, but for me I usually can’t wait for December 26th once Thanksgiving is past.  In fact, I think it’s a terrible shame that Thanksgiving is quite usurped by Christmas – the decorations come out earlier and earlier and we’re bombarded with Christmas marketing sometimes even before Halloween is over!  And