Your Home and Your Stuff as “Beings”

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Recently I had the most interesting email land in my inbox. With the writer’s permission I’d like to share part of it with you:

“…this is far out, but I am understanding that everything around us has or is a Being. Everything in your house too. So that is why your stuff can talk to you 🙂

These Beings want to be of service to us. I remember one time a beautiful pond and a sunrise. I was appreciating this very much and expressing my appreciation, and a wave came back to me, that I translated as “thank you for seeing me”. The essence seems to be that all wants to be seen and appreciated.” -Manuela

Female holding and looking at small house.

Manuela so eloquently stated a really key element that I am trying to pass to people about their homes and the items that live in their homes. Our homes are alive. Our stuff carries energy, and that energy can either support us or pull our own energy down.

In the Release 13 Things in 13 Days challenge, one of the questions I have people sit with as they are feeling into the emotions behind their clutter is:

“How is this item fulfilling its purpose in being created by continuing to live in my home?”

In my experience, even though we’re typically working with “inanimate objects” when we’re clearing our physical clutter, I still perceive a desire from stuff that it wants to fulfill its reason for being created.

Sometimes I feel like stuff is begging me to release it to the next phase of its existence. Its next phase of existence might be when it gets purchased from a donation shop, or it might be when it is recycled and made into a new product. Going to the landfill to be decomposed could also be the item’s next phase of existence.

It’s my perception that our stuff does want to serve us, and if it’s not serving us then it wants to move on. I also sense that it wants to be appreciated, as Manuela mentioned above. When we have strong appreciation and gratitude for our homes and the things in them, those items support us even more.

It’s kind of like going to a restaurant. If you genuinely thank and appreciate your server for his or her service, you’re likely to get better service and service with a smile. If you treat your server like a lowly servant, never making eye contact, never saying thank you, being condescendingly demanding, it’s likely your service will not be as great and you might even end up with a special “treat” in your soup (think of a big loogy, yeck!).

This may sound strange if you’ve never thought about it in this light before, but I would encourage you to try it and see what happens. Sometimes a change in standpoint is all you need to change course to a clearer future.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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  • Virg Lewis

    I agree that even inanimate objects give off a vibration. It may just be the one that is sounding in my mind but that’s real. I’ve been clearing out ‘stuff’ with your tips. Not always the same ones mentioned that day but it doesn’t matter. Clutter is whatever you decide it is.

  • TracyKPierce

    Thanks so much for sharing Virg, I’m so glad you’ve been using some of the tips I give here. 😉

  • Sharon Loy

    I love what you say about our world around us being so fully alive. It feels true, and it reminds me of how children naturally see the world this way, with their openness, innocence and willingness to see things as they truly are, with out beliefs piled on top.

  • TracyKPierce

    So true, Sharon! I find it totally fascinating to not only watch how children interact with the world but to also watch the other adults watching how the children interact with the world. A remembering if you will. How different would our homes be if we approached them in this way, thru a child’s eyes? I’m going to be pondering this more. 😉