Why Is Organizing Photos So Damn Hard?

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childhood photosI’ve got a confession to make, my photos were the last thing in my house to get fully organized – and that only happened about a year ago! It took me literally years to get it done.

Several years ago I had even gone to a photo organizing course in which we were to bring all of our photos and were provided with photo organizing containers and several hours to work on the project. I thought I was done! Woohoo!

But a few months later I found another envelope of photos stashed away at the bottom of a “memories” box… and then a few more months later I found some more in our fire proof safe… and then I found more in a plastic bag tucked in with some old journals. Damn! Why couldn’t I ever get all my photos in ONE place and sorted?!

There can be great energetic benefit in letting go of some of your photos, especially those with images of past relationships that ended badly, ones that are blurry, or any photos that pull your energy down. But what about all those photos you want to keep?

Although I’m great at seeing and feeling the energetic affects photos have on people, and I know the big HOW’s in organizing photos, a little bit of me cringes inside when someone asks me about photo organizing – it can be such a big and daunting project, and I’ll be honest, it’s just not my specialty.

Luckily, there ARE people who specialize in photo organizing, and even enjoy it! When I opened an email newsletter from friend and colleague Melody LeBaron this week I was thrilled to see she was sponsoring a FREE class next Thursday, November 5th, in which Photo Organizers Dorothy Tucker and Michelle Doyle of Preserving Your Heritage will get you on track for organizing your photos. They’ll share:

*The best, fastest and easiest way to get your photos, organized
*The pros and cons of all the options for preserving your photo legacy, and
*Fun ways to share your photos as holiday gifts this season!

If you could use their expertise, join their FREE, fun, and informative online class:

Got Photos? Organize and Preserve Your Legacy
Thursday November 5th at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific

They will share how you can make the process of organizing and preserving your photos EASY, SIMPLE and FUN.

Register here: http://transformingspace.com/classes/photo-organizing-class/

If you can’t make the class live, you’ll receive the audio link AND the workbook.


If you long to get your memories out of storage and into the hearts and hands of those you love, click here to register for this class!

Even if you won’t be able to take action on their suggestions right now, join the class and you’ll have a PLAN for PRESERVING your photos.

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