Every Single Thing You Own Has an Energetic Affect on You

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Pizza cutter

Every single thing you own has an energetic affect on you.

That’s a pretty bold statement, don’t you think?

Perhaps it seems pretty clear how a photo of a former lover might make you feel sad or lonely, but is it really possible that something like a pizza cutter affects you too?

It makes sense that overflowing and disorganized bookcases might make you feel overwhelmed, but if your bookcases aren’t completely full and you can easily find the book you’re looking for – does that mean the books you DO have don’t deserve some consideration for the emotions they evoke from you?

In Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she suggests that you only keep items that spark joy when you hold them.

This got me thinking about the long list of logical questions that professional organizers and other home professionals will suggest you ask yourself when you’re decluttering. Such as:

Does this item support the purpose of the room?
Have I used this in the last year?
What is the worst thing that could happen if I got rid of this?
Is it useful?
Is it beautiful?
Would I display this item in my home?
Do I have specific plans to use this item?
How is this item fulfilling its purpose by living with me?
Am I denying someone else the possibility of actually using this item by hanging on to it?

These are great questions that engage the left side of your brain. But what if you took a more right-brain sided view of your decluttering process? What I mean by this is asking how does every single item individually make you FEEL?

What would it be like to make your toss or keep decisions from this standpoint instead of the “logical” standpoint? What if everything in your home made you feel light and joyous and in the flow? You would probably end up feeling amazing every time you walked into your home!

Still not convinced that every single item in your home affects your energy? Try it for yourself:

Find some time when you can be completely uninterrupted.

Turn off TVs, phones, music and let your house mates know you are not to be disturbed.

Allow yourself to get quiet and go inside. If you do meditation, perhaps take a few minutes to do your meditation. You can also focus on getting grounded by feeling your feet or body connected to the earth, or maybe do some deep breathing to bring yourself to a place of being centered and calm.

Hold or touch one single item in your home. Notice what happens to your energy. Does it feel like your energy goes up or does your energy go down? What emotions come up? Do you feel inspired? Do you feel guilty? Don’t force anything, just let whatever emotions or feelings that are there come forward.

This can be a revealing exercise. And although I do feel that it’s important to also address how and why clutter has ended up in your home in the first place, considering the emotional and energetic impact each item has on you is also very important.

Can getting rid of the pizza cutter make your home a better place to live? Well, maybe, but I guarantee that if you got rid of every single item in your home that brought your energy down that your home would feel completely different when you were done.


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