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HelenaRothQuoteI am so thankful for the amazing connections I have made with folks via social media. Just the other day I happened to connect with a gal on Twitter, Helena Roth, and after seeing my profile which mentioned that I am a clutter coach, she reached out to me to let me know about the 90 day challenge she had embarked upon – the clease4expansion – 90 days of purging her physical and digital spaces which would in turn allow for spiritual expansion. Would I be interested in writing a guest blog post for her project?

I hopped over to her website and read about the challenge:

What I intend to create, which certainly feels impossible, during the next 90 days, is to cleanse my physical and digital home, allowing for spiritual expansion.

I started off thinking about a cleanse of my physical home, intending to go through every nook and cranny, not leaving any stone unturned, with the exception of my husbands things/clothes. But honestly, even though we have foor floors altogether, with an attics, a top floor, a  ground floor, and a basement, going through everything contained within the four walls of the house didn’t really seem impossible. (And honestly, for the past year or so, it’s as if I don’t get into “It’s impossible” anymore, because almost everything really seems possible to me nowadays…. almost!)

But when I added cleansing of my digital home, my inboxes and all the folders of my email-accounts (yes. Multiple!), contacts, Dropbox, Evernote, and just considering all the photos I have stored digitally for these past 10-15 years….. well, I have to admit, then it really did turn into feeling impossible. I guess, mostly because I will also be a mom/wife/coach/self-employee and all the other things that I do, in any given week, during these 90 days.

Here’s where you can read more about the clease4expansion:

I was inspired by her and told her I would be happy to write a post for her. Here’s where you can read my guest post:

I hope you enjoy it!

And here’s to making things that seem impossible possible!

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