How Much Compassion Do You Have for You and Your Clutter?

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If you’re like most of the people on this planet, you’ll probably answer, “not very much” or “compassion for myself and my clutter, what the heck does that mean?”

Here’s something to think about:

Although some of the physical items in your home may help propel you into the future, everything in your home has some kind of emotional tie into your past or present.

It might be weird to think that something as simple and mundane as a bar of soap has an emotional tie to you, but even the small things have meaning and energetic ties into our lives.

We are often taught in our society to just “get over it” or “suck it up” and move on, in other words, bury your emotions, put on a smile and get on with it already.

Sometimes when we bury our feelings, we consciously or unconsciously numb ourselves with stuff or other energy releasing behaviors. We collect physical items or resort to not-so-healthy behaviors we feel like we CAN control because our emotional lives feel so out of control.

quotescover-PNG-42Those emotions, and the energy that goes with it, actually gets stuck in your physical stuff. This stuff turns into clutter (anything that causes stagnant energy in your life), and not only causes stuck-ness in your living space, but it creates stuck-ness in your mind and your own personal energy.

Something to realize is that you’re not a bad person for letting this happen or getting yourself into this situation.

It’s possible you were never taught how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way or that you never had anyone positively model this for you. It’s possible you just never knew any better.

But there comes a time when being stuck gets old and it’s time to actually move forward, and there are certainly many different ways to do this.

My biggest suggestion is that you have deep, deep compassion for yourself during this process – beating yourself up or acting like a drill sergeant may be what is familiar to you, but there is another way. Another reason to bring compassion into the situation is that it gives you the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience rather than it just being about the physical act of decluttering.

Decluttering certainly is an act of will, determination, and vigilance – but it doesn’t have to be an act of self torture.

If you’ve ever had a massage before, perhaps you have noticed that it’s not always about how hard the masseuse pushes on a particular tight spot – sometimes she will hardly apply any pressure at all and you might find yourself amazed at how easily the pain melts away with such a soft touch.

I have found the same can be true of decluttering. Adding big doses compassion and gentleness for yourself and all you’ve been through during your life, in combination with will, determination, and vigilance is the golden ticket to your decluttering success.


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