Clutter Clearing As a Journey of Self Discovery

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Clearing-your-clutter-isHow many articles have you read about decluttering and getting organized?

How many TV shows have you watched?

How many websites have you visited?

And have you moved forward or are you still stuck with your wheels spinning?

My guess is if you’re reading this is that you may have made some progress or maybe you feel even more stuck than before, but one thing is for certain, you want to change your life and continue to evolve – making way for clearer spaces.

Here’s what most articles, TV shows, and organizing websites fail to include:

Clearing your clutter is a journey of self discovery.

It’s not just about how much stuff you haul to the donation store.

It’s not just about being able to pay all of your bills on time and having a great filing system.

It’s not just about how picture perfect your living room looks when guests arrive.

It’s about soooo much more than that.

It’s true that all these things may be important to you. But what if you approached the clutter clearing process a bit differently? What if instead of fighting to move forward, you decided decluttering was an adventure where you get to learn more about your deepest desires, your deepest strengths, and your deepest held secrets?

Clearing your clutter can truly be like the grandest choose-your-own-adventure story you’ve ever embarked upon, if only you have the courage and the right tools to set sail.

As a clutter coach guiding you through the process, this is my sincerest desire:

for you to really see who you are,

for you to see the brilliance you have within you,

and for you to leave behind the false layers that are masking your amazing and beautiful soul so you can shine forth in this world.

This is what I help you do by not only giving you the tools you need to complete the task but also by holding the space for you to dive into some of the crustiness, the dirtiness, and old stuff in a way where you can feel safe in doing so.

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