Why Clearing the Clutter Changes Lives

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WhyClearingTheClutterChangesLivesWhy do we want clearer spaces in our homes and our minds?

When spaces – physical, emotional and mental spaces – are clear it allows for the possibilities of life to open to us.

When spaces are cluttered, our energy is stagnated, we get caught in the loop of worrying, of anxiety. We feel out of control and don’t know what’s going to happen next – we don’t trust what’s going to happen next.

Having clear spaces isn’t just about order and control. There is a vulnerable and soft part within us that is more comfortable in showing itself in physical spaces that are open and clear from clutter. And there is so much value in these vulnerable and soft places.

Clutter can numb us to our true feelings. We shut down to the reality of what we really feel.

Some of us use “retail therapy” as a means to feeling “better”, when in fact what we’re really doing is blocking out these true deep emotions.

Emotions are tricky. Some of us have been taught to always be happy, to always turn our feelings towards the positive ones.

There is something to be said for keeping a positive outlook in life, but sometimes these feelings on the “negative” side of the spectrum really just want to be felt.

Sometimes when feelings are simply felt and acknowledged they can be processed out of the body within a short period of time.

But when we pile more and more physical stuff on top of these emotions, they become even more stuck. We subvert them to a point where it feels like we’ll never be free. So we pile even more clutter on top of them in an attempt to numb ourselves to the pain we feel.

Shoving down emotions is not going to create clearer spaces in your home or in your mind.

Chances are you’ve been doing this subconsciously for years. If you have physical clutter, I guarantee you have mental and emotional clutter as well – the two always go hand in hand. And you can’t change one without changing the other.

The trick is to do it consciously, with awareness. If you just start tossing stuff out the door without becoming aware of the emotional components behind the clutter, chances are it will come right back.

Why does clearing the clutter with awareness change lives?

Have you ever heard of the vacuum theory? Basically when you have an empty space, something will come to fill it.

When you’ve consciously cleared the clutter, you can then consciously bring the energy and things you actually want in your life into your space.

You get to choose what you bring in. You get to consciously create the life you really want.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed in myself and in my clients how BIG things can change when we take the time to not only do the physical work involved in clearing the clutter from our lives but when we also take the time to acknowledge the emotional and mental side of our clutter.


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  • Will you be offering this program again in 2016?

  • TracyKPierce

    More than likely I’ll be doing a revamped version of what I did last year. I’m still putting the details together of the how and when. 😉