Can Clearing Your Clutter Be Fun?

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You’re probably used to hearing about how much work clearing your clutter is, how emotionally draining is can be, how physically exhausting it can be. Perhaps these are some of the reasons so many people continually avoid doing it. But have you ever wondered:

Can clearing my clutter be fun?

Quite simply: HELL YES!

Although I have felt these moments of fun throughout my time working as a clutter coach, it occurred to me the other day that not nearly as much emphasis is put on this side of clutter as its counterpart.

How could this possibly be, isn’t clutter clearing work?

Well, yes, but not all work has to be hard or full of drudgery.

The treasure chest with valuable objects underwater.

For example, several years ago my mom started to bring plastic bins full of my old childhood stuff to my home. She was very kind in that she would only bring one or two tubs at a time, once or twice a month.

At first I felt a bit overwhelmed – I had no idea I had this much stuff left at my parents’ home (it ended up being 12 bins worth)!

As I began to sort through the bins, usually just one at a time, I found a lot of stuff I didn’t care about anymore, but at the same time I found it intensely interesting.

To see the things and ideas that I had once thought were so important laid out in front of me in physical form was fascinating. What things I had cared enough about to put in a box to keep for later? Wow, mind blowing!

It was also so interesting to see the things my mom had chosen to save from my very early childhood when I wasn’t really able to make those decisions for myself.

Although I ended up getting rid of about 90% of the stuff from the 12 bins, I did end up being a bit like a kid searching for buried treasure, getting to open up boxes not knowing what cool stuff might be inside. It was really fun finding the hidden gems amongst the other not-so-important stuff.

I have seen this working onsite with clients as well. Although some difficult emotions might come up, there are times when I get to see joy spread across faces when they find that special item that reminds them of a precious time in their lives, or when they find something that reminds them of a dream they had that they are finally ready to give another shot.

Clearing clutter isn’t always just hard work, it can be fun… there can be moments of joy. I have found that approaching decluttering with this in mind can make make all the difference in the world.

Now it’s your turn, has decluttering ever been fun for you? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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