Big Ah-ha’s Come From Looking at the Emotional Side of Your Clutter

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PilesOfPaperRecently I had the pleasure of chatting with a woman, Julie, who is getting ready to make some big transitions in her life. As is the tendency with a lot of the people I meet and get to talking with, the conversation turned to clutter.

Julie told me she’s pretty good about keeping clutter under control. I could tell by glancing around her home that this was true – pathways were clear, horizontal spaces were clutter free, and overall the energy in the home felt good.

But, she said, she’s had long-standing trouble with corralling paper and keeping it organized. Once the stack of “I’ll deal with this later” paper gets cleared out it’s not long before it starts to pile up again.

Julie mentioned that she had seen my article Every Single Thing You Own Has An Energetic Affect On You and that she’d been thinking about this in relation to her paper. She realized that paper has a very negative association for her, so much so that it’s easy for her to put most incoming paper in a pile “for later” so she doesn’t have to deal with it right now.

Julie has a child who was born with health challenges that have required constant monitoring and frequent visits with health professionals which produced lots of paper. She also went through a trying divorce which generated a ton of paperwork. Both of these life experiences at times left her drained and exhausted, she didn’t have enough energy to deal with one more thing, or one more piece of paper.

So now, when she receives a piece of paper, even if it’s paper that has nothing to do with her child’s health or the divorce, something in her subconscious is reminded about those difficulties she has gone through and she just doesn’t want to deal with it, so she puts it in a pile “for later”.

I could see the relief that came to her face when she voiced this to me, and a little spark of recognition came into her eyes when the ah-ha moment hit her.

Here’s the amazing thing, sometimes simply recognizing what’s actually underneath your clutter emotionally allows you to more easily let go of old patterns and move forward. And in my experience, uncovering these emotional truths is the big key that will free you from what might seem like the unending cycle of accumulating clutter.

When you’re ready to be brave and take this big step, something can open up not only in your physical space but in your heart and mind as well.

How about you? I’d love to hear about your clutter ah-ha moments in the comments below!

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