The Yin and Yang of Clutter Clearing

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Have you heard of the forces of Yin and Yang?

Here’s the short version: according to ancient Taoist philosophy there are two distinct parts to everything, and rather than being strictly opposites, these two parts are actually complementary.

One side of the coin cannot exist without the other. Light and dark; masculine and feminine; doing and being; water and fire; hard and soft; happy and sad; active and passive. These seemingly opposite things are actually part of a greater whole.

When you think about decluttering your home, I’m betting you think about the doing (or the active Yang part) rather than ever considering the being (or the passive Yin part).

Why is that?

Surely we need to DO something in order to get the clutter out of our homes. It’s true, there absolutely is a DOING part of clearing the clutter.

But when we completely ignore the BEING (or feminine) part of our clutter, we’re not seeing the whole picture, and it’s likely that our clutter will just come right back.

I’m hosting a free decluttering program in January, and this is exactly what Release 13 Things in 13 Days – a Feminine Approach to Decluttering is all about, learning to get in touch with that feminine side of our clutter.

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