What’s Meditation Got To Do With Clutter?

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meditationWhen most people think about decluttering their lives and getting organized they don’t think about meditation. Makes sense… if you’re already trying to cram too many things into your day and barely have time to do anything for yourself the way things are, why would you even consider trying to throw meditation into that mix?

What if I told you that meditation has allowed me to approach my life with more clarity and more focus? (i.e., less overwhelm)

What if I told you that meditation has helped me to align with the things that are really important in my life and get more done by doing less? (i.e., better time management)

What if I told you that meditation has revealed physical clutter in my life and made it clear to me that it was time to let it go? (i.e., reduced physical clutter)

I know, it might sound a little strange, but this has been the reality for me and many others I know who meditate regularly.

In my experience as a clutter coach and holistic organizer I have come to see intricate connections between emotional clutter and how it manifests as physical clutter in the homes of my clients. Basically it boils down to this: these two types of clutter affect each other, and if you try to just clear the physical clutter without addressing the emotional clutter, it’s likely you’ll end up stuck or that the physical clutter will just come back.

Meditation and other spiritual practices are some of the ways I have cleared the emotional clutter from my life, and they work for others as well.

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview a Clairivision School of Meditation senior instructor, Clíona McNally, who shared with us more about meditation and Awakening the Third Eye. Listen in here:


clionaglassesblacktop-picIn the talk, Clíona mentioned several upcoming courses in various locations in the US, and there are almost always Awakening the Third Eye courses happening somewhere around the world. To find a course near you, visit www.clairvision.org.

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  • Tracy, I like your approach to clutter clearing. Our physical state is often a good representation of what’s going on in our mind. If we can get into a clearer and calmer state of mind it can make the physical process of clutter clearing so much easier.

    I can’t say I’ve mastered the art of meditation yet, but I’ve gotten a lot better at being still and being comfortable with not doing something every minute of the day.

  • TracyKPierce

    Thanks for commenting, Tiffany…Being still is something we all have to paradoxically “work” at (at least at first), it’s definitely harder to do in a physical space that is very cluttered! I am still amazing at how these two part are so deeply connected.