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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems every blog post I read these days has something to do with spring cleaning. Ever wonder why that is? I’ve done clutter clearing during every season of the year, and although I’m a big fan of clearing clutter any time of year, especially in the Fall, Spring brings a very special energy that makes it a perfect time to really dig your heals in and throw your Will into getting rid of that lingering clutter.

As I wrote in my December newsletter (if you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, click here to do that): “Many spiritual traditions believe that Winter is the time to go inside – both literally and figuratively! What this means is instead of living life so externalized, taking time to do more meditation or spiritual practices, taking more time to be with those who are closest to us, or just plain spending time by ourselves.” Nature hibernates, and often many of us humans find ourselves more withdrawn from the world as well.

What follows of course is Spring, and Spring is an entirely different matter. This time of year stands for new birth, a time of renewal, a time for starting over. In my part of the world it is with great wonder and anticipation that we watch for the flowers to start popping up and for the robins to start showing their faces because these signs mean that Spring is just around the corner. And just like other parts of nature, there is something deep within us that can start to move us towards taking action.

If you harness this power of the energy that Spring brings to the world, you can set yourself up to be even more successful with clearing your clutter than you may be other times of the year. I wrote an article over on Organize to Revitalize with more answers to the question of why Spring is a great time of year to jump in and really get to decluttering. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/1mwMbTA.

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  • Tracy, I love that you bring up the fact that Spring stands for “new birth, a time of renewal. a time for starting over.” Most of us, including myself, think of the New Year when we hear “starting over.” It reminds me that now is a good time to review my resolutions and think of spring as New Year, a fresh start.

  • TracyKPierce

    It’s my understanding that many ancient traditions actually considered the Spring Equinox the beginning of the new (solar) year. I don’t know the history of how that changed, but in my own experience I’ve always found it difficult to have my goals for the year written by Jan 1. In the last few years I’ve been giving myself some leeway and try to have goals in place by about the Chinese New Year, around the first part of Feb, and this feels like a better flow for me energetically. It kind of makes me wonder how many people might actually stick to their “New Years Resolutions” if they thought of Spring as the New Year instead of Jan 1! 😉