What Can Trees Teach Us About Letting Go?

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Trees-show-us-how-lovelyOctober in Iowa is absolutely my favorite time of the year. The beauty that spreads before us in the changing of the leaves is something that I just can’t get enough of.

Today I was practicing a technique I learned as student of the Clairvision School of Meditation – tuning into living things and sensing their etheric (aka layer of life force) when something about the trees and leaves really struck me.

While tuning into the colored leaves, just about ready to drop, I felt a sense of excitement from the leaves. This surprised me a little bit, so I sat and tuned in further.

What I sensed was that the leaves were having their last hurrah before moving into the next phase of their existence, and they felt great about it. A part of the leaves couldn’t wait to become compost and then do the wonderful things that compost does for the other living things in this world.

Then I tuned more deeply into the trunk, branches, and roots of the tree. There was a great sense of calm, and even peace, in the rest of the tree – there was absolutely no worry about what would happen over the winter, no worry about whether more leaves would grow next year.

To me it almost felt like the tree was sighing, very gently letting go into the next phase of its life, easing its way into the resting period of winter.

Then it struck me – this could really be a example for how we can let things come and go from our own lives.

One question I will often pose to my clients is, “How is this item fulfilling its purpose in being created by continuing to live in your home?”

Think of the leaves being your physical stuff – what if a part of the stuff was actually excited to go to the donation store or to be consigned or to get recycled? What if your stuff was yearning to move into the next part of its own cycle of life so it can fulfill its own purpose in being created?

And what if we could be more like the roots, trunk and branches of the tree? What if we could gently and peacefully let go of the stuff that we don’t need anymore for this phase of our lives and allow ourselves to ease into whatever is next for us, trusting that everything will work out?

This may seem like a strange concept for some people, but sometimes a simple change of standpoint can make all the difference and shift something big in our lives.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below!

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