Can You Be Organized AND in the Flow?

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flowI was recalling an earlier blog post I wrote about being in the flow with regards to running a business and the ups and downs it can bring. Things again have been shifting for me with regards to Synergy Organizing – this time last year I was primarily working onsite with clients, but over the course of the last six months or so I’ve been transitioning to doing more clutter coaching online. It’s been an interesting transition.

When many people think of being organized they think of everything being in its place, all the dishes being washed and put away, and generally everything being in order. The other day my husband and I were watching the pilot episode of “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23” and I literally laughed out loud when the main character, June, talked about how at age 26 everything was right on track for her life plan. First of all, I’ve never had a life plan, but I can tell you that the times I did think I had everything figured out and knew which direction my life was going the Universe often handed me something I wasn’t expecting which sent my life in a totally different direction. Being someone who needed to be organized, who really wanted to control the outcome of things, this wasn’t always easy for me though. I put up a lot of resistance, and in some cases I wanted to control things so much that I pulled myself out of the flow and in reality created even more problems for myself.

I hadn’t anticipated becoming a coach who worked with people online rather than in person. But once I understood that people do deep down know what systems will best work for them, they really just need to be asked the right questions to help them uncover the answers, and that in many cases (as long as there aren’t physical or mental challenges involved) having people do the clutter clearing themselves makes a more lasting impression in their lives, I became aware that always working onsite with clients wasn’t serving them in the best way I could. So I let myself be in the flow and go in the direction the Universe was steering me.

It comes down to this for me: being organized isn’t about controlling everything, it’s about having a level of structure in your life that allows you to feel balanced and that allows you to respond effectively to the curve balls life may throw you. Can we be organized and go with the flow of life? Absolutely – if anything, being organized allows us to be more comfortable in the flow, it helps us to adapt more quickly.

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