Adventures in Bed Thwacking

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Did you know that everything you own collects energy imprints? This may sound strange to some, but the longer I do the work that I do, the more tangible these energies are becoming to me.

Take a moment to think where you spend most of your time. The couch or your office might be the first thing to come to mind, but consider for a moment that most of us spend about one-third of our lives in bed sleeping. And depending on what else you do in your bed (eat, watch TV, etc) some may spend even more time than that.

If there’s one thing in a house that collects a lot of energetic imprints of people, it’s their beds!

After the end of a quite heart-breaking relationship, I found I could hardly stand to sleep in the bed the two of us had shared. I got out the vacuum cleaner and the steam cleaner and went to town on it. It was only after the cleaning flurry I was able to think about sleeping in that bed again. Even with that done, as soon as I could afford it I bought a new bed.

Vacuuming is one way to dispel stuck energies, and I do vacuum our bed every few months, but I didn’t feel like it cleared the energies as much as I would have liked.

2014-06-06 11.15.28I first read about bed thwacking about a year and a half ago over on Karen Kingston’s blog. Although I had intended to do my first round of bed thwacking last year, it didn’t actually happen until a couple of weeks ago.

My husband and I hauled our mattress out onto the front yard and took turns thwacking it with a baseball bat. I’m sure we got a few confused glances from our neighbors, but the mattress energetically feels much better to sleep on now.

Plus, I was surprised at how much physical stuff fell from the mattress as well. I thought vacuuming was doing a pretty good job of keeping the mattress clean, but I guess it needed some good old fashioned thwacking to get the deep stuff!

Learn more about bed thwacking, why it’s important, and how do it over on Karen Kingston’s blog here:


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