4 Reasons to Feel Gratitude When Being Forced to Deal with Clutter Because of a Household Maintenance Project

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During my office decluttering.
During my office decluttering.

I have a secret to tell you – sometimes I put off dealing with my own clutter too. I’d been meaning to sort out my work closet for a couple months now, but I was always able to find an excuse why I didn’t “need” (read: want) to do it.

But then we decided to finally get our bathroom ceiling fan replaced, and the electrician told me he would more than likely need access to our attic in order to install it properly.

Part of me cringed – the access to our attic space is through my work closet, which meant I was going to have to pull everything out of there, whether I liked it or not.

But I decided to make the best of it because it was starting to become a bit more difficult than I thought it should be to find the things I was looking for in there anyway.

My work closet is actually quite small, about 2.5 feet wide and 3 feet deep, plus the bottom 2 feet of the space is just a platform – not usable space. What this amounts to is that I’ve had to very carefully orchestrate how everything fits in there and be diligent about not creating more clutter.

Plus, my small office serves a two-fold purpose. Not only do I use the computer, do my radio shows, and talk on the phone in there, but when I have clients come over for BEST, I have to fold down my desk (it’s actually a dining table that collapses to less than one foot wide) so that I can position the massage table in the middle of the room and still have space to walk around the whole table.

This means that everything I don’t need for a BEST treatment gets stored in the work closet during a BEST client session.

Here are my Before, During, and After photos:









The change might look minimal, but small changes have made a huge difference in how I’m able to function in my office.

As it turned out, the electrician did not need access to the attic after all. However, I was thinking about how much of a blessing it was to have been forced to deal with decluttering this closet.

I came up with 4 reasons we can feel gratitude when we are forced to deal with our clutter because of a home maintenance or improvement project:

1. You can’t procrastinate decluttering any longer. I had been avoiding this closet for at least a couple months. There was no way I could continue to procrastinate dealing with it.

2. You’re probably going to find things you were looking for. This is almost guaranteed. I know I did!

3. You’ll be able to find things more easily afterwards. This has been a big relief for me. If you’re dealing with a very small space, like I am, having things in order becomes an even bigger deal than if you have plenty of space to spread out in.

4. It will save your maintenance crew time (and thus save you money). This was something the electrician mentioned to me – sometimes he has to crawl over and under things to get to where he needs to go, and it saves him so much time and effort to be able to have direct access.

Have you ever been forced to deal with your clutter because of a home maintenance project? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

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