The Most Important Part of My Morning Routine: Meditation

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meditationMany professional organizers will tell you about the ways you can improve the flow of your day by having a great morning routine which might include prepping the kids’ lunches the night before, laying out your outfit the night before, using a timer to make sure you’re staying on task – and it’s true these routines can help. But in my own personal experience there’s only one thing I do every morning that makes a huge difference in how the rest of my day goes: Meditation.

I recently wrote an article on my Synergy Wellness blog that’s a great summary of what meditation is, my own journey, and how to get started yourself:

I have written a number of past articles related to meditation on the Synergy Organizing blog, so instead of rehashing what I’ve already written I’ll refer you to the Meditation category if you’re interested to learn more:

Some benefits I have experienced as a result of daily meditation

  • reduced stress
  • a sense of centeredness
  • starting the day from a place of calm
  • inspiration on how to get things done faster
  • inspiration on what things I need to focus on that day
  • a sense of inner peace
  • reconnecting with my true inner power
  • deeper compassion for self and others

Here are some other recent articles on the benefits of and science behind meditation:

Are you a meditator? How do you incorporate meditation into your daily life and what benefits have you experienced?

About the author:

  • I’ve only done meditation as a part of my yoga class. I’m sure it would benefit me mentally as well as physically, but I’ve never tried to incorporate it into my daily life. Your post is very inspiring, and I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other resources you’ve reocmmended.

  • TracyKPierce

    Meditation in yoga class is how I was first exposed to meditation as well. It’s a great place to start! I hope you find some type of daily meditation that resonates with you.