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paperpurgeA new year, a new round of paper work to file and organize. January is a great time to get started on collecting all your tax information and purging the old paperwork you no longer need.

This weekend I was able to recycle this huge stack of paper from my business files. I am on a mission to go paperless in my business, not only to free up space in my office, but also to help me be more mobile in my consultancy. Ruthlessly I tossed paper into the recycle or shred piles. I was a little surprise to see how many folders of old research that I didn’t need anymore since I’ve switched to Evernote for organizing my research and notes.

The other thing I did to prep for tax season was to pull out our “TAXES” file folder and put it out where everyone in the household knows where it is. We’ll file all tax-related paperwork there as it comes in so all we need to take to our accountant is in one place when our appointment time comes around.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve already made our February appointment with our accountant. I learned last year that the closer to April 15th you file, the longer you have to wait for your return. The years I’ve filed in February it’s taken less than 10 days to receive a return. When I filed in March last year, it took almost three weeks. So if you’re looking to get your money back from the government faster, file earlier.

Are you getting ready to file your taxes yet? Tell me about it in the comments!

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