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I’m on a mini sabbatical. While I’m away, please enjoy this post on annual reviews previously published on this blog:

For the past few years I have opted to not make any New Year’s resolutions.  This isn’t because there’s not anything I want to do in the new year,  I just take a different approach. I first started an Annual Review process, both for my business and my personal life, in December 2010.  It has been an incredible process for me to work through, and I’ve found that the clarity that the review provides propels me forward to much higher degree than making any type of New Year’s resolution ever has.

Here’s the basic format I use, based largely off a post I read by Chris Gilbeau entitled “How To Conduct Your Own Annual Review.”:

  • What Went Well Last Year?
  • What Didn’t Go So Well?
  • Results Based on Last Year’s Goals
  • Goals for This Year
  • Action Steps to Reach Goals

The Goals section is broken down into several categories.  I divided them into business and personal sections.  Areas included in my business section include:

  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Teaching/Coaching/Presenting
  • Marketing
  • Financial

My personal goal sections include:

  • Friends and Family
  • Service
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Learning
  • Financial
  • Spiritual

Many people don’t have time to address this process in December when the holiday season and festivities are in full swing.  January is a great month to work on this project.  If you’re in an area where it’s cold and nasty outside, this is a great time to hunker down in a warm spot and think about where you want to go this next year.  In many cultures, the cold, dark months are thought to be times of quiet reflection and introspection.  Perhaps January is the perfect time for some refocusing after a busy holiday season.

Another fabulous process you can work through is visualizing and writing about what your ideal day and/or week would be like.  Don’t worry if it seems far off and ridiculous at this time, allow yourself to dream the impossible dream.  The team at Finer Minds puts it this way:

“What would your ideal day look like if you had no limitations?

That’s it.

Write it down, no limitations–financial, geographical, …relationships. What do you want?

Just imagine yourself living this ideal day from morning to evening–what would you be thinking after waking up? What would you have for the breakfast? How would your house look…? What would your business be? Who would your clients be? What would you talk with your kids about? How would you feel with your spouse? What would you do in the evening? With whom would you spend it? What would you discuss? What would you be thinking before falling asleep?”

What does this all boil down to?  Professional Organizer Sara Pedersen puts it eloquently, “Let your involvement in activities be aligned with your goals, not by the open slots of your schedule.”  

For some other thoughts on doing resolutions versus setting goals, check out this article entitled Forget About Resolutions, Set Goals Instead & Achieve Them With These 10 Goal-Setting Tips
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