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I’d been using Google Reader for years to organize and manage my blog reading. At one point I was following at least 45 blogs. As of today I’ve cut it back to a more manageable 31. Even following “only” 31 blogs, there’s also no way I’d be able to keep up with that many posts without some type of organizing system.

When blogs first came on my radar, I had tried bookmarking my favorites in my web browser; however having to check each individual website every day or week to find out if the blog had been updated got annoying and time consuming. A techy friend turned me onto Google Reader, which made it so much simpler. All the posts were right there in one place, new posts were highlighted, and categories could easily be created so I could prioritize my blog reading time.

When I saw the goodbye announcement from Google Reader earlier this year I felt some momentary panic – what was I going to do now? Surely there were other blog readers, but I had been happy enough with Google Reader I hadn’t bothered to notice them. I put word out to my friends on social media, and Feedly was the reader that was most highly recommended, so I checked it out.

I’m only about six weeks into using Feedly regularly, but so far I like it. The visual set up is very similar to Google Reader – my brain had an easy time adjusting to it. Plus I could log in with my old Google Reader information and everything was automatically transferred over. Setup time with new apps is one of the things I tend to dread the most, but Feedly made it quite simple.

I’ve also noticed that the format doesn’t get altered like it did sometimes in Google Reader. I never did figure out why in Google Reader with some blogs I had to click on the title link and go to the blog website to see the full information with pictures, but luckily I guess I’ll never have to. I have not yet seen these type of glitches in the Feedly system.

As Input and Learner are two of my biggest strengths per my Strengths Finder results, I know it’s really important for me to have my systems in place for organizing information. I feel the need to bring in lots and lot of information (luckily it’s mostly digital now, when it was mostly paper I had a lot harder time with this), and with a combination of a blog reader (like Feedly) and a digital filing system (like Evernote), I can find what I’m looking for, and save what I want for later easily.

A blog reader is an indispensable tool for me, and so far Feedly is fitting the bill. I’m curious if any of you are in the process of switching your blog reader due to Google Reader going away? Please share below which reader/s your using or checking out in the comments below.

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  • I started using Feedly on my iPhone a few months ago, so when I found out Google Reader was shutting down, I was all set. I haven’t actually used it on my laptop yet, but after reading your post I checked it out, and I do like it better. Yay!

  • TracyKPierce

    Yes, Feedly was really smart in how they made it so easy for Google Reader users to convert – well done!