How Multitasking Could Be Ruining Your Life

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multitaskingMultitasking, we tend to think, is a promise of “getting more done in the same amount of time”; it guarantees “productivity” and “doing it all”. But what are the costs? Is it really possible to multitask? What are we really gaining–and what are we losing–by consistently multitasking in our everyday lives?

Join me and my co-hosts Danielle Mund, and Veronica Taylor in this riveting discussion about the hidden costs of this everyday phenomenon on the Life Coach Chat Channel, part of the Life Coach Radio Networks. The show is live Thursday 10/24/13 at 11am Central, but don’t worry if you can’t make it live, the show is recorded and you can access it anytime after the live broadcast and listen in at your convenience.

Here’s the link to the show (it’s the same link to listen live and to listen to the archive):

Multitasking is something I have a lot of experience with having worked jobs for my first nine years out of college that listed multitasking as a requirement. And it seemed like just as I thought I had mastered managing my multiple tasks, my superiors would find yet one more task to pile on top of my already full plate. Is multitasking now not just something that people are expected to be able to do at work but also prevalent in how we deal with our relationships as well? I hope you’ll either join us live or listen in to the archive recording after the show, this is guaranteed to be an interesting chat!

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