Managing Transitions from Chaos To Creation

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Chaos to GreatnessI saw this image posted on Facebook a few days ago and was happy to realize that this is exactly what my class Managing Transitions from Chaos To Creation is all about.

Here’s the thing – your home didn’t get cluttered overnight, it’s not going to get decluttered overnight either (despite what Hollywood and some of your typical home organizing or remodeling TV shows might lead you to believe).

So how do you manage all the chaos that seems to get churred up during the organizing process? How do you figure out WHEN you’re going to get all this work done?

Join me this Saturday, March 23, at the Illuminations Healing Arts Center in Cedar Rapids, IA, 10am-noon and discover new tips and tricks to help you align with your goals and establish the framework to support you in the process from start to finish.

Please email me to register. I hope to see you there!

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