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EYCP bird onlyWOW! If you’ve been listening in to the Holistic Organizers TeleSummit so far I know you’ve been as impressed as I have been with the content Annie and Melody have presented for us. I know I’m taking notes! Here are a couple points that really resonated with me that I’ve jotted down:

  • The pain pushes us until the vision pulls us.
  • Most of us have dominator relationships with our homes in the West – what would happen if we began to think about our homes as living beings instead?
  • Be gentle with yourself and have compassion for yourself during the process – allow for the sanctity of where you are right now.

If you haven’t registered already, I hope you will take a moment to click this link,


fill in your name and email address so you can access the information to connect into the calls. We’ve still got five whole nights of classes, and the replays for the first two nights will be available to listen to for free for a limited time. I hope you’ll check it out! Here’s that link again:



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