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LifeCoachRadioNetworkWhen I was presented with the opportunity to join the ranks of coaches who are a part of the Life Coach Radio Networks I knew something really special was about to happen. Since I said “yes” I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and collaborating with some really great coaches from around the US. Plus I’m feeling even more inspired to continue my own work as a Clutter Coach (even coaches need coaching!).

At the time of this writing, the Life Coach Radio Networks is made up of three radio channels on Blog Talk Radio:

International Life Coach Radio (you’ll find my monthly solo show, Reclaiming Space, here every second Friday of the month at 10am Central).

Life Coach Chat Channel (I appear on this channel a couple times per month to chat with other coaches about our chosen topics).

Life Coach Radio Network (more solo shows from a variety of coaches).

I feel blessed to get to be a part of a community committed to assisting others build the lives they really want. On these three channels you’ll find shows about a diverse blend of topics including relationships, transitions, clutter, personal growth, meditation, mindfulness – just to name a few! It’s totally free to listen in to any of these shows – and not only can you listen in to the live show, but since all shows are recorded and archived, you can listen at your convenience any time after the show is over.

Not only can you access the shows on the Blog Talk Radio website, you can also download them via iTunes, transfer them to any of your other connected devices, and listen on your commute or any other time that works for you. To find the shows on iTunes, open the application then click on “Podcasts” on the top menu bar. Do a search (top right hand corner) for radio channel name (ie: International Life Coach Radio, Life Coach Chat Channel, or Life Coach Radio Network) and you’ll get a list of the archived shows. Pick the ones you want to download then click on the “Free” button to the right of the show title. When you do this, the show will automatically start to download into your iTunes.

Want to stay up to date about upcoming Life Coach Radio Networks shows and events? Like us on Facebook (Life Coach Radio Network) or follow us on Twitter (@CoachHostRadio) for all the latest news.


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