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EYCPAre you working too hard to create the results you want? Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels without really making progress on your Big Goals? It may be the clutter clogging your rooms that is causing your problem!

You see, if your home or workspace is cluttered, that clutter is doing more than clogging and slowing down the chi, or life-force, in your physical space. It’s also clogging your mental space! It’s well documented that we function and feel our best in rooms that are ordered and attractive.

Imagine living and working in rooms with no distracting piles calling for your attention. Rooms in which you no longer have to search for items you need. Rooms which function efficiently–and feel wonderful. Rooms that your friends walk into and say “Oh! It feels so good in here!”

If you don’t right now have this kind of peaceful, positive environment, you aren’t yet allowing yourself to experience that powerful feeling of being “in command” of your home and workspace.

You may have tried to get rid of the clutter and get organized without success.
But NOW, I’m bringing you the combined expertise of 6 Holistic Professional Organizers and inviting you to join me in their first online event:

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Holistic Organizers Melody, Annie, Erika, Nina, Julie, and Tracy have put together 7 inspiring content-rich calls in which you’ll learn how to:

  • avoid the traps that keep us stuck in clutter
  • learn the secrets to up-leveling your relationship with your home
  • clear the judgement and shame you may be holding about the clutter
  • adopt mindsets & practices that make De-Cluttering and Organizing easy, sexy and fun
  • breakthrough whatever’s been holding you back from creating a peaceful, organized home that is singing with vibrant energy

The Holistic Organizers believe that it’s entirely possible for you and I to have homes and workspaces that function as Success Partners, homes and workspaces that function efficiently and feel wonderful, homes and workspaces in which we feel like the Powerful Women we are!

The key to manifesting the Life you want is having an environment that supports that Big Vision. And that’s what the Holistic Organizers (and I) want for you!

Here’s the link to join their TeleSummit now:


I hope you’ll join me!

Holistic Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach at Synergy Organizing, LLC


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