Class This Saturday: Creating Sacred Space

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pink rosesWhat would it be like to feel fully supported in your home or office space? Everything in your home has an energetic affect on you whether you want it to or not, but it’s not enough to just clear the clutter. Creating sacred space is an activity done with focused intention. What you put back in the space after you’ve done your clutter clearing is just as important.

Creating sacred space is about claiming your home, declaring that you own the space. The space doesn’t control you, you control the space.

During this two-hour interactive class you’ll learn about my personal journey in creating sacred space in my own home as well as information you can use in your own life to create spaces that fully support you and the endeavors in your life.

Class is Saturday April 27 from 10am-noon at the Illuminations Healing Arts Center:

The Cherry Bldg
329 10th Avenue Southeast #115
Cedar Rapids, IA

Investment: $22. To register email me by 5pm Friday 4/26.

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