8 Clutter Clearing Lessons to Learn from Gardening

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pmflowers4Summer is in full force here in the Midwest. Working in my own garden, I realized that gardening can be a lot like clearing the physical clutter in our homes and getting organized. Here are eight of my favorite clutter clearing lessons we can learn from gardening:

1. Removing the old makes way for the new. Many gardeners are out in their yards as soon as the weather allows, removing old debris, cutting down old seed heads, raking up any leaves – clearing the way for new growth. I encourage you to think of getting organized in this fashion. You’re not throwing away your past – you’re making space to allow all the wonderful things that your future holds to come into your life.

2. Change can be safe. Plants do it all the time. We all go through cycles. The plants that adapt and overcome are the ones that stick around the longest – the same is true with humans.

3. Full results don’t happen overnight. A lovely garden doesn’t happen overnight – just as clearing the clutter and getting organized is a process. It probably took you some time to get to your current level of disorganization, and it will take some time to get back on track too.

4. Regular loving care makes a big difference. Just as a garden needs weeding throughout the season, making time for your organizational maintenance is essential for continued success.

5. You’re probably going to get dirty in the process. Clutter attracts dust and sometimes other funkiness – the longer it sits untouched, the dirtier it’s going to be. Be prepared and wear old clothes, gloves and a mask if necessary. There is something extremely satisfying about a shower after a clutter clearing session, so be sure to allow yourself time after for a proper clean up.

6. Taking a step back and admiring your accomplishment is really satisfying. Take some “before” pictures of your space. If you’ve got a lot to sort through and purge it may feel like you’re not getting anywhere until you look at the “before” pictures.

7. When the going gets tough, drink some water. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Even small levels of dehydration can create lethargy, headaches, or overall lack of alertness.

8. Respect your limits. It’s wise to take regular breaks when gardening – the same is true of clutter clearing. If you’re too tired when organizing, it’s ok to take some downtime. If you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed it may be time to hire a professional.

If you have any other thoughts about how gardening and clutter clearing are related I’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below.

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  • Interesting perspective! You’ve inspired me to come up with another: When a plant no longer looks good in the garden, we dig it up, either to put in a more suitable spot or to get rid of it altogether. Why then should we hold onto household objects (including decor pieces) that no longer bring us pleasure?

  • TracyKPierce

    I love that, Janet! Thanks for sharing!