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I hear it time and time again when I work with clients, “This is so much easier with you here to make sure I’m staying on task.”  Although it’s not always the case, many times what my job entails is playing the role of Accountability Buddy. I keep my clients focused, I don’t let them walk away from the sorting process, I make them look at those few little items at the bottom of the box they really just want to leave there and deal with later.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to hire anyone to play Accountability Buddy.

You may have friends or relatives who are eager to play that role for you. If you feel like you need help and aren’t ready to hire a professional quite yet, talk to your family and friends and see if there is someone who is willing to help you.

One of the reasons it’s so much easier with two people is because the person whose stuff it is (the Sorter) can remain focused on the sorting process, while the Buddy can take care of moving items into the proper location or taking care of other details (like getting a paper towel to wipe something off, or getting a glass of water for you, etc).

One of the ways a Sorter can easily get derailed is when s/he moves away from sorting to get the paper towel and then notices ten other things that suddenly seem to need to be done right this second (this is your mind’s way of luring you into procrastinating your clutter clearing!).  The Buddy can help reduce or eliminate the potential distractions by taking care of these other aspects of the process while the Sorter stays on target.

When enlisting the help of others, be sure to make your roles clear.  If you’re prone to distraction, let your helper know that.  When you’re teaming up, good communication is key.

Tip #8 Action Challenge:

If you’re having trouble getting organized on your own, talk with your family or friends and request help.  Show them this e-book and see if they might be willing to play the role of Accountability Buddy for you.

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