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Ask yourself a couple questions, “What is the purpose of this room?  What activities go on here?” If you don’t know what the purpose of your room is, it’s easy for anything and everything to pile up.

Tip #2 Action Challenge:

Sit down with pen and paper (and the rest of the people living in your household) and decide specifically what activities will go on in the different spaces.  If your focus is on a particular room or space in your home and you’re short on time, just talk with them about that one particular area.

Most rooms will have more than one purpose – list them all.  For example, the dining room may be used for eating, but the kids may also do their homework there, or maybe you work on craft projects at the table on weekends.  It’s ok for a room to serve multiple purposes, just make sure you define them all.

This will make the decluttering process much easier. When you’re doing your sorting ask yourself, “Does this item support the purpose of this room?”  If the answer is Yes, then the item stays, if the answer is No, the item goes.

We’re building the foundation here, so stick with me.  You can of course dive right in if you’re feeling motivated to clear some clutter, but taking the time to think about the process and the underlying causes of your clutter may serve you better in the long run.  Our aim is to clear the clutter for good, not just for now.

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