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I had the great pleasure of traveling to Phoenix recently for some continuing education for my other business, Synergy Wellness.  While I was there, I took the time to travel up to the north side of the city to visit the winter home of “The Greatest Architect in the World” (his own words), Frank Lloyd Wright.









I’m not sure what drew me to this site besides having recently watched a documentary about his life.  Perhaps was drew me most to him was not only his eccentricity, but his strong conviction that what he was doing was important.  He was driven, he was passionate about his work.  Plus I was intrigued by not only the detail he put into his work (sometimes going so far as to design EVERYTHING in the home right down to the napkin rings!) but also his fascination with the geometry in nature.

Imagine if in your home every single piece was chosen with intention.  Imagine if you picked the furniture to compliment the home instead of moving the same couch from apartment to apartment.  Imagine being surrounded by shapes and forms that occur in nature rather than the cookie cutter boxes so many constructions companies throw up in record speed.  Imagine coming home and admiring every single piece in your home – right down to the napkin rings!

We weren’t allowed to photograph inside the majority of the residential areas (which were amazing!), but I’ll leave you with a few more photos from the exterior (and one from the gift shop!).  You can check out the Taliesin West website for more photos and information about the home.  I’d highly recommend at least doing the short tour if you’re lucky enough to be in the area!


Have you visited any of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section!

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