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If you follow my posts with any regularity you already know that I’m a big fan of taking digital sabbaticals.  Tomorrow I’m off on another adventure that will put me in the position of being secluded from many forms of technology – I’m really looking forward to it!

This particular expedition will not be nearly as intense as the Vipassana meditation course I did last September as we are allowed and encouraged to speak to others participating in the course.  It does appear that my cell phone will not work in this secluded area, and it is my intention to disengage from email and the internet with the exception of Skyping with my husband every few days.

In our go-go-go society, the thought of not answering the phone or not checking email or not posting updates in Facebook would paralyze some people.  However, disconnecting from technology is actually one of the best ways to get in touch with yourself, to figure out what it is that you really want from life.

I challenge you to take your own digital sabbaticals.  You don’t have to go all out and take days off at a time like I am, but consider turning off your cell phone for a couple hours.  Power down the computer and go outside.  I sometimes will designate one day per week that I absolutely will not turn on the computer – yes, it’s sometimes hard even for me – I do really like keeping up with my friends and knowing what going on in their lives.  Plus, as a business owner, I sometimes find myself caught in the mentality that I must return every phone call and answer every email immediately.

Disconnecting from technology doesn’t mean disconnecting from life – it about reconnecting with yourself and the power we all have within ourselves.  Have you ever taken a digital sabbatical?  How did you feel about it?

See you all in a couple weeks!

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