Organized and Adaptable Part 2

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I recently wrote about how being organized and adaptable can really help keep the chaos to a dull roar when an emergency or unexpected event occurs.  One thing I neglected to mention was the importance that your friends and family can play in this type of situation.  For example, for our New York trip, we had hired a friend to come and stay at our house to feed and give lovin’s to our three cats while we were gone.  Once we realized we weren’t going back to Iowa as expected, our first thought was “What are we going to do about the cats?!”  Luckily with a couple quick text messages we were able to relay our situation to our house sitter.  Although she was able to feed our cats some of the days we were going to be gone, she couldn’t do all of them – plus we weren’t really sure when we would be back.  I was able to connect our house sitter friend with another friend who lives in our neighborhood.  Our house sitter rallied at least one other friend to help, and bless their hearts, our friends were able to work out the schedule on their own (leaving us with a smaller fraction of chaos to deal with).  I owe a HUGE thank you to all of you – I don’t know how we would have gotten by without you!

So what happens if you’re new to town and/or don’t have a network of friends and family to support you?  This is an instance where a professional organizer may come in handy.  We recently worked with a client who had had to vacate her apartment and move to another town without taking all of her belongings with her due to a serious bout with depression.  We were contacted by the sister who lived out of state, who requested that we pack up and standby for the movers who were already scheduled since no other family or friends were available to help.  The traveling and packing would just be too overwhelming for her sister considering her fragile current state of mind.  We took care of the details like keys and packing supplies, and I’m happy to say the move went off with only a couple small hitches, which we were able to easily handle.

In our society, it’s common for people to move from one town to another, some with great frequency – we’re not always living near our friends and family these days.  It’s one of the reasons there are so many different service companies these days.  The things that friends and families did for each other before we were such a mobile society perhaps aren’t possible due to distance.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where friends and family helped you organize in an emergency?  Have you ever hired a professional organizer to help with this situation?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments below!


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