Insider Tips Series: Julie Gray on Mindfulness and Meditation, Part 2

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Today I’m back with Julie Gray of Profound Impact. Last week Julie gave us some great tips about meditation and mindfulness and today we learn more.

Tracy: What has been the biggest benefit for you personally in doing meditation?

Julie: The biggest benefit has been that I’m so much calmer, I have less anxiety about interacting and meeting others. Needing to have all the answers, that has dramatically decreased because I know, and meditation has helped tremendously with this, that they are going to have their answers and it’s about me helping them tap into those answers, it isn’t about me having all the answers. Meditation is another way they may utilize, it may be another tool I offer to help tap into those answers. One form of meditation I use is setting my intentions for the day, I’ll literally line up the way I want my day to go, the way I want my day to feel. And that has been transformative for me. I’ve been doing that consistently for probably 5-6 months, and that has really changed everything. It feels funny, really funny, I know immediately if I forgot to do it on any given day. I do that as a form of meditation .. I’ll get quiet and line it up, but you can do it in the car too, setting your intentions. And I’m super clear about setting my intentions for working with clients, and they know that too, that they will get what they need.

Tracy: What have been some of the benefits clients you’ve worked with have seen or experienced after implementing mindfulness or meditation, any specific examples come to mind?

Julie: I do a lot of time management coaching, that’s really the primary source of my business. A common thing I see – I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and they’re super, super busy and feeling the pressure of a big long to-do list. And usually when they’re in that space the hardest thing for them to do is to pause. And we talk about pausing to plan and even though it feels like it’s the hardest thing for them to do it’s actually the most critical thing for them to do. And with that the idea of mindfulness and meditation, it’s giving them a concrete way of viewing the pause so it’s not just “what does that mean, what do you mean you want me to pause, how does that look in my day?”. So giving them the tool of mindfulness and meditation, well they can do a body scan, they can breathe deeply for just a few moments and get more oxygen to their brain. You can imagine yourself in your most sacred space really quickly. One client was really concerned about getting sick and had understanding of themselves that it was psychosomatic. So we talked about a way they could visualize a vacuum cleaner sucking off all the bad stuff from their bodies. So I talk about it from the pausing stand point, concrete ways you can pause and it’s going to make it easier for you to plan. And we talk about it in other scenarios so it helps them feel more in control about their anxieties.

Tracy: Is there anything else about meditation or mindfulness I didn’t already ask you about that you’d like to add?

Julie: I think it’s a really powerful tool that we can leverage in any way we feel comfortable personally or professionally with our clients. There is brain research demonstrating how influential and powerful this tool can be and I think that even knowing about, even knowing a little bit about it, you can bring a whole new level of awareness to your clients and to your work with your clients.

Thank you so much for joining in on the conversation, Julie! Stayed tuned for next month’s edition of Insider Tips.

Julie Gray, COC®, Time Saver Specialist is passionate about teaching leaders and entrepreneurs the systems they need to get out of overwhelm, focus their time, and make the impact they crave.

Julie runs an organizational coaching firm, helping clients gain the mindful awareness and system alignment they need to develop, organize and achieve a business they love and a lifestyle they enjoy.

Julie Gray completed space organization and time coach training from the Julie Morgenstern Organizing Institute and is also certified as an Organizer Coach by the Coach Approach for Organizers, a 2-year ADD/Life Coach training program.



Holistic Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach at Synergy Organizing, LLC

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