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Recently, I kept seeing these great quotes posted on one of the organizing/clutter-related pages I follow on Facebook, Letting Go Of Clutter, Finding Peace, from the book SoulSpace, Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life by Xorin Balbes.  The quotes spoke to me so much that I decided to check the book out from my local library.  I was not disappointed!  This is a fantastic and inspirational book that goes through Xorin’s step by step process he uses with his own clients when helping them to transform their homes into SoulSpaces that nourish the body, mind, and soul.

“Home is about satisfying our basic animal needs:  eating, sleeping, seeking shelter.  But it is also about achieving transcendence on earth through our other needs, the ones that are the basis of our humanity:  beauty, love, and creativity.”

Xorin breaks this process down into eight different stages:  Assess, Release, Cleanse, Dream, Discover, Create, Elevate, and Celebrate.  He walks us through the how-tos each of these stages as well as giving examples from his own life as well as from several of the clients he’s worked with over the years.

A main point Balbes makes again and again is that it’s important to have items in your home that support and uplift you.  He gives numerous examples of people who were hanging onto items from the past, like wedding dresses from a failed marriage, and how these items hold us back.  When we release the old, we’re more able to step into our new, present lives.  And when we create a home environment that nourishes and supports us, we’re able to become more of who we really are.

If you’re looking for an enlightening book that isn’t just another “how to” book about organizing, check out SoulSpace.  Have you read it?  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts about the book!!


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