Are Political Robo Calls Clutter in Your Life?

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The first time I received a political robo call several years ago I was absolutely irritated – like I wasn’t already bombarded enough by political propaganda. I was fed up, so I hopped on the internet, did a search and almost immediately discovered there IS indeed a way to stop the harassment – The National Political Do Not Call Registry.

Their Mission:

“The National Political Do Not Contact Registry is a program of Citizens for Civil Discourse (CCD), non-partisan, non-profit organization (federal 501(c)(3) status pending) dedicated to elevating political discussion in the United States. CCD is based on the premise that the decline of civility in American political dialogue has diminished our nation’s capacity to address urgent problems. Founder and CEO Shaun Dakin believes that citizen action is required to restore decency, respect and common sense to public debate in this country. Unfortunately, political robo calls do not have a place in political discourse. Robo calls invade our privacy and you simply cannot have a two-way discussion with a robot.”

Since registering (I believe it was just before the 2004 election), I am happy to report I have not received a single one of these calls. To register your phone number, visit their website and sign up today!

Decluttering isn’t just about removing extra physical stuff, it’s about removing whatever is no longer serving you in your life – and unless you enjoy receiving these calls, they are indeed clutter. If you’re fed up too, let’s take a stand and send a message to politicians – Stop cluttering up our lives with useless phone calls!


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