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Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.  I was speaking to a woman about having our house space cleared later this year.  She had told me that in preparation for the clearing we should do some clutter clearing.  I had replied, “Oh yes, I’m a professional organizer, so I’ve got things pretty well under control in that area.”

HA!  That same day I started peeking in closets, pulling out a few things I knew I’d been keeping “just in case” that had sat unused for at least a couple, if not several years.  I still have a few more places to peek into, but today I took all of this to a local donation center:

We kept the cats of course (they love it when stuff gets moved around and always find the need to investigate).  But, it just goes to show that the process is never over – you never really “get it all done”. Getting organized isn’t a one time deal, it’s an ongoing process – even for those of us who have been doing it for years.

What are you getting rid of this week that’s no longer serving you?

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