What Are Your Priorities This Holiday Season?

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I’m on a mini sabbatical. While I’m away, please enjoy this post on getting ready for the holidays previously published on this blog:

I work with clients every year who feel overwhelmed by the mere thought of the holiday season.  The main issues that create stress in this holiday season are related to not saying “NO” enough.  Does your calendar really need to be so crammed?  Did you really have fun at the Smith’s holiday party last year?

Again, this comes back to your priorities – perhaps this is the year you decide that this season will be FUN and to let the rest go.  Sit down with the family and have a conversation about your favorite holiday activities, and your least favorite, and set your calendar accordingly.

My tips for reducing clutter (clutter isn’t just physical!) and enjoying the holidays this year:

Prune your To-Do list – if you’re not excited about the activity when you see it on your calendar, consider eliminating it altogether – IT’S OK TO SAY NO!

Keep your decorating simple.  Consider taking away two of your “everyday” decorations and replacing them with one holiday decoration – make the holidays the focus and cut the other clutter.

What can you delegate to someone else?  Cleaning, yard work, gift wrapping, catering?  There are many services out there to help you finish tasks you may not have time to do yourself.  Ask yourself if a lower stress level is worth spending a few extra bucks – in many cases it is definitely worth it.

Take a deep breath and be ok with everything not being perfect.  If you’re having a party at your home – clean the public areas and bathrooms and be ok with the bedrooms or other not-so-public areas in the house not being pristine.

What else have you done to simplify your holidays?


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